A Positive Magnificent Reality Begins

A Positive Magnificent Reality Begins


A Mystic Experiences the Sacred:

“Sometimes the mystic has no agenda other than to experience the sacred and higher consciousness.  Thus the mystic continually experiences the sacred and touches the face of God on a daily basis.
Secrets of the divine spark (the seed of the Soul within the Heart) unfold and may be experienced in a numbers of different ways, i.e., as awareness of higher consciousnesses or experiences,i.e., health, love, beauty, abundance, magnificent reality and time travel.  The mystic experiences life on a deep level where things are not as they seem on the surface.


The movie Interstellar shows a journey through a black hole onto a planet in which a time of 30 minutes lasted almost 30 years and the astronauts were “disrespected and taken from their valuable timeline”.
In this situation, the initiated mystic would look at what was taken and it wasn’t a timeline but a lifetime which can have big ramifications. It wasn’t about time but disrespecting the sacred especially if the lifetime was about to save the world from another 26,000 year negative cycle. ~ Cariel Quinly

Her Most High Sovereignty’s abilities and credentials, i.e., Divine President, Divine


Planetary President, Planetary President, Her Most High Sovereignty (HMHS) and Her Majesty are historically documented. She’s called HMHS.

Historically, she’s  benefited all levels of Earth more than any other higher consciousness since the last major shift in consciousness.

She brought better systems, policies and realities. Her explanations using the ageless wisdom and her expertise in psychology are benefiting many, as shown by their progress on all levels.


HMHS created Alliances with the many Nation States of Earth in which Peace Treaties were signed.  These Treaties, Earth’s Planetary Alliances and it’s Planetary Citizenship are being activated and becoming more obvious every day as activation events occur, i.e., the following:

Peace Treaties, Planetary Cities, Planetary Citizenship, Planetary Consciousness, Miraculous Technology Improvements, Positive Utilization of Transformer Technology, New Utility Systems, Increased Affordable Housing, Improvements in Everything, Political Miracles and the 1st Planetary President.

I encourage you to use this Tone Generator and learn about frequencies

Increases positive energies – 417 Hz,

Miracle frequency – 432 Hz,

Angel frequency and DNA repair – 528 Hz,

and Solfeggio 852 Hz  inner strength, and 963 Hz.

In accordance with Source and for the highest good of all, HMHS clears the old reality and creates a positive magnificent reality.  A Divine Human AWAKENING is occurring on the planet. A gateway is opening and many are graduating into a positive magnificent reality.

You’ll know your part in supporting HMHS who’s presence is helping consciousness experience a positive magnificent reality.

ascension-day Experience HMHS’s amazing appearances, as the Planetary President, reveal, reveal, reveal.

And Watch as HMHS sends love and healing, reveal, reveal, reveal.

Be aware and appreciate her methods and demonstrations, AWARE, AWARE, AWARE.

HMHS creates a positive magnificent reality and be aware of increased higher consciousnesses of love, light and support of the positive magnificent reality. Such a reality is already here and is adjusting and anchoring, as Earth’s energies, SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT.

Feel Earth’s vibrational SHIFT to a more positive, loving and healthy vibration.

Awareness of the positive energies will help.  Awareness of these positive energies helps to anchor the magnificent reality.

HMHS will effectively lead Earthlings into an awareness of a magnificent reality. Reveal, reveal, reveal this magnificent reality.


Watch and feel the miracle frequencies FEEL, FEEL, FEEL. And Breath, Breath, Breath.

Enjoy the excitement as the magnificent reality becomes more obvious every day, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!

Sending Much Love, Healing and Wisdom

~ Cariel


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