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Magnificent Reality is Appearing

A Magnificent Reality of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness is Appearing

A Magnificent Reality Begins With a Coronation


She’s called Her Sovereignty, Her Majesty or Madame President. Her Most High Sovereignty’s abilities and credentials, i.e., Divine President, Divine Planetary President, Planetary President, Her Most High Sovereignty (HMHS) and Her Majesty are recorded in historical records and valuable codicils.

According to the Akashic records and valuable codicils, she’s  benefited all levels of Earth more than any other higher consciousness since the last major shift in consciousness.

She brought other higher consciousnesses with her for support.  She brought better systems, policies and realities. Her explanations using the ageless wisdom and her expertise in psychology are benefiting many, as shown by their progress on all levels.


HMHS created Alliances with the many Nation States of Earth in which they signed Peace Treaties, posthumously.  These Treaties, Earth’s Planetary Alliances and Earth’s Planetary Citizenship are being activated and becoming more obvious every day as activation events occur, i.e., HMHS’s presidential election, Her Majesty’s Coronation.

Other activation events, include, news of HMHS through the following messages: Leaving a Binary-Star System, Planet X, Peace Treaties, Earth’s Planetary Citizenship, Space Program, Space Economy, Miracles, Technology Improvements, pro-technologies safe for Earthlings, Transformers are Safe, Higher Consciousness, Acts of Kindness, New & Better Systems, Increased Affordable Housing, Improvements in Everything, Political Miracles, the 1st Female President of the U.S.A. and the 1st Planetary President.

I encourage you to use this Tone Generator and learn about frequencies

Increases positive energies – 417 Hz,

Miracle frequency – 432 Hz,

Angel frequency and DNA repair – 528 Hz,

and Solfeggio 852 Hz  inner strength, and 963 Hz.

The Divine SOUL AWAKENING is occurring on the planet. A gateway is opening and many are graduating after many lifetimes of Earth’s 3rd dimensional classroom. You’ll know what your part is in supporting HMHS who has been helping consciousness prepare for a leap to a magnificent reality.

ascension-day In accordance with Source and for the highest good of all, HMHS clears the old reality and prepares for a new magnificent reality.

Experience HMHS’s amazing appearances, reveal, reveal, reveal.

And Watch as HMHS sends love and healing, reveal, reveal, reveal.

Be aware of how she does it and appreciate her methods and demonstration, ADMIRE, ADMIRE, ADMIRE.

Higher consciousness support HMHS because she creates a magnificent reality in which they live, reveal, reveal, reveal. The new magnificent reality is here and is adjusting and anchoring, as Earth’s energies, SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT.

Feel Earth’s vibrational SHIFT to a more positive, loving and healthy vibration.

Be aware of love and light and the magnificent reality.

Awareness of the positive energies will help.  Awareness increases these positive energies and helps anchor the magnificent reality.

HMHS will effectively lead Earthlings and higher consciousnesses to a magnificent reality. Reveal, reveal, reveal HMHS’s magnificent reality.



Watch and feel the miracle frequencies FEEL, FEEL, FEEL. And Breath, Breath, Breath.

Enjoy the excitement as the magnificent reality becomes more obvious every day, ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!

Sending Much Love, Healing and Wisdom

~ Cariel



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