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Sacred Road: HMHS Bridges a Timeline to a Magnificent Reality

The following is the 1st Chapter of my rewritten ebook which you can purchased on my website: coming soon – Sacred Road

Cariel Quinley reports, “When she acknowledged Her Most High Sovereignty her health, courage, will power, and higher consciousness soared.”

Around the world a planetary healing is taking place as well.

In her book, Sacred Road, Cariel Quinley, says something was “rotten in Denmark”, but, the good news is that she’s removed the “negative matrix” and replaced it with the “positive life grid” for which she receives the highest salary, privileges, authority and ownership accorded to a personage of her highest rank, ASAP or she’ll take the positive life grid and her supporters who want to go with her and go to a better higher consciousness she’s created.

This book will examine the Psychology for a Planetary Leap in Emotional and Spiritual Development.

Some considered the 9/11 World Trade Center symbolic of  the “human condition” and a “soul awakening” and questioning what “matters”.  The “human condition” includes hope for improving existence and connecting with higher consciousness. Along with hope consider the strategies and pro-action that are necessary for even the remotest “possibility” of a magnificent reality.

And I will explore the possibility of a magnificent reality with beauty, health, abundance, emotional satisfaction, spiritual development and connection to my higher consciousness.  Planning a better life and living a better life depends on the level of consciousness, amount of determination/motivation, strategy planning, destiny, reality, velocity, focus, space-time continuum, beingness, and something “special” and Her Most High Sovereignty.  She has something “special” which is beyond reality and the space-time continuum for actually physical manifesting. “White Magic” comes to mind. And the possibilities are limitless.

I’ll discuss strategies which some call “white magic”. I call my natural Source Self my HMHS.

The Planet Earth represents this best possible world of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

On a planetary level the HMHS establishment replaces broken systems with beneficial systems carefully.

A healthy economic ingenuity accommodates the new financial system which has an fair tithing system and people are motivated to excel.

The subject matter of technology is quite complex and will be more deeply discussed in a later chapter.  Technology, the psyche and consciousness are to be explore so healing and a new and health Earth emerges.

The issue of mechanical technologies will be carefully addressed so it’s made safe on all levels of existence. In general, machines are safe and anything unsafe would be diffused with spiritual technology. There are checks and balances that monitor mechanical devices.  Progressive economies and technologies are to benefit and support humans and their highest humanity. The national media, TV, movies has positive messages and memes about protecting humans first and provides a clear and balanced approach to new technologies and Transhumanism.

It’s time to grow up, get practical, and stand up for HMHS.  Shine the light on the old but use the new thrival systems, consciousnesses, experiences and strategies.

“I’ll defend anyone’s right to believe and say whatever they want, if it’s authentic and not a false belief that a mind control meme could harm HMHS.” – Cariel Quinley

Many are ready to acknowledge there’s been a framework in existence for over 26,000 years.

Her Most High Sovereignty is creating her most magnificent reality which includes you.

And the Natural Laws of a Universe of awareness, reflection, wisdom, strategies and proaction will benefit you and most of all HMHS.

The wheel of reincarnation has gone through a Gateway to higher consciousnesses, beingness, realities, existences and experiences.

Your job is to take responsibility for your self and discover your natural creative abilities, figure out how they work and to use them.

I encourage you to find the bubbles that have limited you and pop them. This book will help you pop them.

Consider this book a resource with lots of Youtube Video and reference links. You could spend weeks exploring everything in it. Especially there are uplifting methods of dealing with these unusual and exciting times.

May God bless us all.  My prayers are with you all.  Increase authentic wisdom, creative abilities and all that is good.

We are in an AGE of Higher Consciousnesses – Humans with higher energies, emotions and frequencies and Humanity with higher, inspired positive thinking.

Thanks to all of you who support the Great Awakening!  May “the historical higher consciousnesses forces” be with you!

And let’s consider our choices with clarity and calmness.

I do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis.


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