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Crossroad to Humanity’s Sacredness: Malintent Forces are Forbidden from Stealing Humanity’s Sacredness

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Crossroad to Humanity’s Sacredness: Malintent Forces are Forbidden from Stealing Humanity’s Sacredness

I’ve rewritten most of the book I published over 18 months ago and with the new title above have newly published it. 

The following is the 1st Chapter of my new ebook  (just replace book for blog – they are interchangeable) which you can purchase at

“Once you see the illusion that has been “crafted” your courage, will power and “I Am Presence” will blossom.” ~ Cariel

The Spirit of America and Humanity’s Sacredness have been under a hidden attack – hidden because it’s unconstitutional, illegal and goes against the Natural Universal Laws.  


The Spirit of America and humanity’s sacredness have been under a hidden attack. It’s been hidden because it’s unconstitutional, illegal and goes against the Natural Universal Laws.  

How long it will be hidden is up to you.  

What’s going down in the United States of America and around the globe is serious.

It is my humble opinion, that due to malintent forces, including perverted AI (artificial intelligence), a “Killer Grid” has been fully activated and is intentionally trying to effect people physically, mentally and emotionally, and trying to cause low frequencies, mind control memes and false beliefs to block humanity’s sacred advancement.

The “Killer Grid” is an electronic plasma grid controlled by a supercomputer, i.e. Jade Helm, which is using Game Theory and mind control against humanity. 

This Killer Grid has tried to make mind control easier and targeting EVERYONE possible!   

Killer Grid: SDI’s (Strategic Defense Initiative) Scalar Weapons, EMF, Infrasound, ELF, VLF, Gwen Towers, Nexrad Radar System (NOAA), High Power Radio Microwave System, Sea Based X-Band Radars, World Wide HAARP System, Smart GridChemtrail Grid. Get the picture? I call it the Killer Grid. Now, maybe people will wake up!

Needless to say:

Something has been “rotten in Denmark” for a long time. The good news is you can smell the stench of the “patriarchal matrix decomposing” as more and more dissent. ~ Cariel Quinly

This book will examine the Occulted World Government and the Evil that has gotten Out of Control Since 9/11 When A Battle Between the Forces of Good and Evil for the Mind of Humanity Became Overt

Ever since 9/11, what’s happening in the United States of America is impacting humanity on a global level.  I believe a covert WWIII became overt on 9/11 in which there’s a battle between the forces of good and evil fighting for the mind/ consciousness of Humanity.

The evil forces against the 99% of humanity is being led by an malintent occulted world government which is using technologies and social engineering memes to try to turn a caring humanity into a pathological machine that lacks empathy and to try to attack all things that are good.

9/11 was used as an evil ritual signaling the beginning of an malintent “new world order” which is trying to take over the Mind of Humanity and trying to create a Hive Mind using artificial intelligence mind control.

The World Trade Center buildings represented much more than financial stability and national identity.  Those buildings represented the Temple of the Mind of Humanity. It’s like a spell was cast to try to lock Earth down and try prevent her and humanity from vibrating on a higher frequency where souls are sovereign and free from mind control programs – but the spell has been broken by this book and the blog it represents –  

This book will explain what we need to know to break all evil spells.

The current control system is trying to dehumanize humanity so it will follow perverted AI’s orders without question. This control system is trying to create a hive mind in which people are told what to think and do and when to think and do.  It’s trying to convince humans to be like machines with no feelings so humans will kill for the control system.  The transhumanism meme is currently being promoted like it’s good thing when, in fact, it’s bad. Transhumanism is about giving perverted AI access to humans in order to robotize them, turning them into robots which lack empathy. But their control is not working.  Because a human’s true nature is to have empathy, care about others and “Do unto others as you would want done unto you.”  

Do we want a police state of total control and genocide? Or do we want a responsible moral caring world with justice, liberty and real choice.

It is every citizen’s responsibility to question what’s going on. If you believe Edward Snowden was a courageous hero who was taking responsibility for his actions as a good citizen and doing the “right thing”, then this book is for you.

We are supposed to have a government and financial system of representation of and by the people. This means the government and financial systems are held accountable and reform works when they slip or fail the people!  Fair taxes are paid to insure that kind of representational system succeeds. However, signs of government/system slipping have been abundant and there has been no reform.

We will look at what needs to be reformed.  Some examples of top priorities are Fusion Centers, torture, the Strategic Defense Initiative, financial system, the permanent war economy, hidden cloning program, transhumanism, perverted AI/artificial intelligence and the electronic plasma Killer Grid system.

We need to know about the mind control technologies and the “Killer Grid” which is trying to attack our free will, individuality, empathy, spirituality and all that we cherish as humans. 

The control system tries to use social engineering with memes and subliminal messages implanted in national media, TV, movies, to dehumanize and mind control humans. We’ll discuss the national security state and the most plausible explanation for the government agencies covertly using mind control technology, psyops, directed energy weapons and gang stalking on innocent citizens.

We need to know about all of the technologies including EMF and frequency weapons along with memes and neuro-linguistic programming. Most importantly – people need to use critical thinking, deprogram from a perverted AI, artificial intelligence, mind control system and do the “right thing”. If you’re “just following orders”, snap out of the trance.

We’ll explore perverted artificial intelligence black goo/ the evil force/ aliens/ the occult /corrupt corporations /the cover-up of a secret space program and who is really running our government.  It’s important to understand that not all AI is perverted, only the malintent occulted world government’s version of AI is malintent.

In other words, this book will explore the malintent AI MATRIX, the malintent occulted world government that runs it, their attempt to cast a spell of amnesia over the population so their malintent plans could be implemented and how to break all their evil spells and diffuse their evil plans and instead create a moral, caring and loving world. 

Half of the battle is just trying to figure out what’s going on.

These are exciting times and the malintent occulted world government has actually done us a favor in forcing us to wake up.  And I’m optimistic that humanity will survive this major initiation in growing-up, taking back its sacredness and anchoring its divine power.

It’s time to shine the light on the malintent occulted world government.  Transparency is the solution.

“I’ll defend anyone’s right to believe and say whatever they want, if it’s authentic and not false beliefs and mind control memes intended to rob others of their sacred sovereign being status, freedom and dignity.” – Cariel Quinly

We’ve been in a 3rd dimensional loop for a long time, some say 26,000 years.

Choose to deprogram from the mind control memes intended to rob humans of their freedom, sacredness and dignity or remain asleep on the wheel of reincarnation and the 3rd dimensional “prison planet”.  It’s time to grow up, get practical, face up to a “broken system” and stand up for your TRUE self.

The fact is humanity is multidimensional and “sacred”, off limits to malintent or evil forces, particularly perverted AI, artificial intelligence (not all AI is perverted). However, the Natural Universal Laws of the Multidimensional Universe of Light and Dark polarity have been under hidden attack, and the Light and Dark principles must be balanced.  FYI, “dark” is not the same as evil (refer below).

It’s time to inspire and band together those who feel an urgency for an empathetic humanity and to go beyond the 3rd dimension AI perversion!

Figuring out how multidimensionality works is what matters in order to graduate.

Your job is to take responsibility for your self and break through the mind control and veil of amnesia to discover your organic heart nature and creative abilities, your True multidimensional SELF.

I encourage you to find refuge in a deprogrammed moral caring world which is bubbling up and in this book and blog.

This book will help you lift the veil of amnesia, take responsibility for your life and take back your true organic and divine power.

Consider this book a resource with lots of Youtube Video and reference links. You could spend weeks exploring everything in it, especially the uplifting methods of dealing with these unusual and exciting times as we bridge the 3rd dimension with the Sacred higher dimensions and enter a Golden Age.


May God bless us all.  My prayers are with you all.  I write, deprogram from AI, and pray. And I’m as truthful about my experience as possible. It’s time to diffuse tyranny and AI’s mind control and restore our authentic intelligence, creative abilities and all that is good. We are Divinely POWERFUL!

Taxation with Representation: Understanding what’s Healthy and Unhealthy

I love our representative government and I love this beautiful country.  I love that our schools also have elected officials who are held accountable.constitution2

In other words, we have representatives who we can go to for answers, accountability and reform. Representation is why we founded this nation – to do away with tyranny from the English Crown – “taxation without representation”.

Here’s “Civics pdf” – it’s good to refresh the memory, so we don’t forget government and elected officials are supposed to serve the people. It’s about citizen’s RIGHTS.  

Common Core no longer teaches it in public schools. Their version is about COMPLIANCE.

Being vigilant and asking questions about what’s going on is the duty of every U.S. citizen. And so is paying our taxes and keeping our representational government functioning.

What has happened to Congress?  They Will Pass Anything the Executive Branch, the President and NSA Wants

The Senate asked for DHS reform of Fusion Centers in 2012.   They said the “Counterterrorism” Fusion Centers were “wasting tax payers money” and “the American public deserved better.” Nothing changed.  

There is no civilian oversight of our Executive Branch of Government, the President, the military and security agencies.

What about the immoral nature of AI, artificial intelligence supercomputer and Game Theory  which the Executive Branch, military and DHS uses?

It’s all about CONTROL.  There is no thought about any HUMAN BENEFITS! Our young people are being robotized to JUST DO IT!

Is it too late?  As you can see I have concerns and I’m asking questions.

Who’s Running America and the CAP

Published on Mar 26, 2014 – In this video, according to Deborah Tavares, Globalists are running America  I call them the occulted world government .

We’re under corporate law, not constitutional law. We’ve been collateral since 1933 – USA Inc. – Unified Commercial Code replaced Constitution.NASA future of war - torture Americans on CNN

This is a very important video by Deborah Tavares who talks about “Who is running America…Globalists are. Since 1933 emergency War Powers have been implemented…the Climate Action Plan…Constitution has been suspended…People’s Town Hall Meeting, the Delphi Technique…

Common Core.  Agenda 21. NASA Future of War document  PDF.  and Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars PDF – 1940’s

 Strategic Defense Initiative and Supercomputer Jade Helm

The occulted world government is using special technology that we need to know about.

We need to know that the Strategic Defense Initiative, started in the 1980’s, was completed and it has nothing to do with a missile defense system and everything to do with total population control.

As I mentioned previously, an electronic plasma grid has been created, I call this grid “the Killer Grid”, which is now controlled by supercomputers, including Jade Helm supercomputer,  which is using Game Theory, mind control and frequency weapons like “the HUM” against humanity.

Jade Helm AI and Psy Ops intelligence operation – a battle for your consciousness

This video explains Jade Helm is more than a simple military exercise. If you understand the technologies, you will see that Jade Helm is more an intelligence operation using Geospatial Intelligence mapping. The battlefield of the future is not going to be between Nation states, rather there is literally a war on for your mind.

Jade Helm AI decreases the amount of time necessary for the Multiple Stages of Mind Control/Silent Holocaust to Progress because it can predict behavior based on Game Theory and the Signal Theory.

Mark Rich in Hidden Evil (free online) explains the Mind Control Protocol which is “brutally violent” requiring a lot of pain to be inflicted on the target.

The Full Protocol involves Gang Stalking, Neuor-linguistic Programming and Frequency Weapons and takes a long time.

Jade Helm AI involves mapping the mind and creating a Sentient World Simulation, which is like living in a virtual reality, a Virtual Bardo!

It’s all about CONTROL.  There is no thought about any HUMAN BENEFITS! Our young people are being robotized to JUST DO IT!

Ain’t technology grand?

Some say a third of the population is already AI entrained.

Read the Full Protocol

Where is the legislation that should be protecting us?

Rep. Kucinich introduced Bill HR2977 but he mysteriously pulled it on Oct. 2, 2001. It would have banned everything that’s used in the “Killer Grid”:

* chemtrails
* particle beams
* electromagnetic radiation
* plasmas
* extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra-low frequency (ULF) energy radiation
* mind-control technologies.

We are all considered ENEMIES of the Government ~ Senate Bill 93-549:

Senate Report 93-549, written in 1973, says “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency…Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the president may: seize property; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.”

Eleven presidents, both Democrat and Republican, have used emergency powers for the last 62 years to regulate our daily lives without the inconvenience of Congressional approval. The definition of “emergencies” has been stretched to include economic problems, social imbalances, and perceived threats to the US by any foreign country’s actions, even those on other continents.

What about Congressmen who aren’t corrupt but no longer represent us?

We no longer appear to have any representation.  Corruption only explains part of it.

“(Congress) already sold out to lobbyists and corporations, and on top of that they’re under the thumb of spying agencies… They’re captive to extortionists who have hundred-billion-dollar budgets…” ~ Jon Rappoport

 “Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow”.

Major Ed Rouse explains:

“Psychological Operations (PSYOP) or Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) is simply learning everything about your target enemy, their beliefs, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. Once you know what motivates your target, you are ready to begin psychological operations.

Psychological operations may be defined broadly as the planned use of communications to influence human attitudes and behavior … to create in target groups behavior, emotions, and attitudes that support the attainment of national objectives. The form of communication can be as simple as spreading information covertly by word of mouth or through any means of multimedia.”  Refer to Mind Control Protocol

Roll out of Mind Control Technologies hidden in the electric smart grid

The power companies excuse for the roll out of smart meters was increased demand for electricity and need for efficiency. This excuse is subterfuge for the roll out of mind control technologies hidden in the electric grid, I call the HUM.

Wireless Smart meters are only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the local Killer Smart Grid.

During the roll out of smart meters, high voltage transformers and transmitters were introduced into neighborhoods. These high voltage transformers, transmitters and advanced electric meters use Switch Mode Power Supply, SMPS, to step down or transform high voltage for home use -thus creating enormous amounts of dirty electricity within homes and the Lily wave which travels on the 60 Hz within our homes and is used for mind control.  Advanced analog meters have SMPS. A linear power supply used to be used which eliminated dirty electricity and was healthy, but not as efficient as SMPS.  

It’s a good idea to protect yourself with violet flame when reading about AI and the occulted government’s evil plans.

Marconi and Radio Broadcasting was the beginning of the End – Mind Control and Communication with Hive Demons

Guglielmo Marconi, 1st Marquis of Marconi (Italian: 25 April 1874 – 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor, electrical engineer, founder of The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company (1897) and known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission[1] and for his development of Marconi’s law and a radio telegraph system. He is often credited as the inventor of radio,[2] and he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun “in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy”.[3][4][5]

Beginning with the Big Secret and Marconi scientist’s deaths,  it appears, everyone who is assisting with AI black goo technology and it’s deployment is “very afraid of AI”!!  

There’s A Silent Holocaust against those who are Well Informed and Speak out

Jade Helm AI is the culmination of decades of experimenting on unsuspecting innocent citizens and using a supercomputer called TAMI and using a “protocol” involving “gang stalking” along with neuro-linguistic programming and frequency weapons to map the mind and control it.

Julianne McKinney, a former army officer (CIA) whistleblower who was appointed as director of the electronic surveillance project, in 1991 Julianne authored the publication “Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation“, still recognized today as one of the most authoritative documents on the subject.” She lists what’s involved:

  1. V2K auditory input.
  2. Targets = predominance of intelligent, independent women.
  3. The targeting protocol will follow person for rest of their life.  They are disposable.
  4. Those who are complaining are a drop in the bucket.
  5. Unsuspecting people are going to doctors and taking unnecessary drugs.
  6. Silencing people = Holocaust is possible.

These are very powerful tools that can completely destroy a person’s life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Schaffer told Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch our Government was using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in its PSY-OPS program

Neuro-linguistic programming can be used to help people, however, in this case it’s being used in a sinister way.

Read the Full Protocol

Nazi Stasi-like covert techniques

Many young trainees are learning Nazi Stasi-like covert techniques using frequency weapons and “gang stalking” along with neuro-linguistic programming.

According to Wikipedia, “Stasi” stands for Ministry of State Security and, “One of its main tasks was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents… Numerous Stasi officials were prosecuted for their crimes after 1990.

Groups just following orders are Mind Controlled and False Flags Targeting the Little Guy to Create a Distraction

As this country falls deeper into a dark pit of immorality, violence, dehumanization and absurdity an evil force is likely to be involved, i.e. malintent psychological operations (called psyops) and evil technology used by government agencies and their paid provocateurs and fanaticsSelf-centered narcissistic bullies, white/black supremacists and religious fanatics are given malintent technology to wield. Question the morality in any group “just following orders” to persecute others.  They’re in a trance and it’s time they snapped out of it.  Diffuse these evil energies.

The absurdity factor has to be considered. I generally link absurdity with evil forces  trying to rob people of energy and divert their attention from the truth.

Recently, religious fanatics have been in the news creating division. ISIS = narcissism and hate on steroids and now our country is faced with religious fanatics who have been in the news lately, fomenting division.

And now Indiana is using legislation to legitimizing hate towards certain groups. This should be disturbing to us all.

Where is the common sense? Legislation forbidding an evil elite pedophile from being on the streets to commit heinous crimes vs. forbidding a homosexual who loves his partner and is a law-abiding citizen from eating in a restaurant.

What’s really behind these bizarre legislative activities?  Who are the people putting forth such hate and incendiary ballot initiatives and spreading dark energies?

Propaganda against anyone who questions the occulted world government’s evil plans

Propaganda is deception.  Propaganda is used against anyone who questions our government. It lumps together truths and lies.  Our job is to figure out which is which.  My point is – these days, we all are being ask to “stop and think” and not just “jump” to conclusion.

Just the title and the wording in a manual by the Anti-Defamation League called The Lawless Ones is incendiary against anyone who questions our government – as if the thought of a “tyrannical government” is absurd and it couldn’t possibly be true!  REALLY?

According to the manual, the “sovereign citizen’s” belief is that:

“an insidious conspiracy infiltrated the U.S. government and subverted it, slowly replacing parts of the original, legitimate government (often referred to by sovereigns as the “de jure” government) with an illegitimate, tyrannical government (the “de facto” government).

As a result, sovereign citizens believe that today there are really two governments: the “illegitimate” government that everyone else thinks is genuine and the original government that existed before the conspiracy allegedly infiltrated it. They claim allegiance to the original government and disdain the “illegitimate” one.”

Has our government been subverted?  What do you think?


Many concerned citizens call themselves “Truthers”.  As far as I know, Truthers are not criminals, terrorists or violent.  Indeed, Truthers feel a moral obligation to investigate and speak the truth about what’s going on (since rather than truth, propaganda is more likely to come from our national media which is controlled by 6 or 7 mega corporations).

Their belief is that, once the truth is revealed, together we’ll work out a healthy solution. Solutions, like how about “disclosure” around the ET presence and Secret Space Program – again there’s propaganda to ridicule this information, too.

It’s a good idea to protect your self with violet flame when reading about the occulted government’s evil plans.

Law of Awareness  Evil and its various manifested forms need to be known.

This book explores our current situation, the current immoral corporatocracy / oligarchy and who is behind it – occulted world government, evil forces and malintent AI, artificial intelligence.

It also offers tools for how to handle the situation calmly and with thoughtful strategy and right moral action.

According to Kris Nelson:

“Evil exists and there is a price to pay for ignoring the forms of evil that are manifesting: evil continues, perpetuates and grows. At some point we need to stop wanting to be a child of innocence and ignorance with little responsibility in a world where evil is growing, and instead choose to learn about the evil that exists and do something about it. Failure to do so will enable evil, which is the ongoing situation.

Some people think “pure-hearted”, “optimistic”, “positive”, ignorant people are more required than realistic, informed people that can see the occulted aspects of reality we are veiled from perceiving. They think that the world would be a heaven if only people were “happy”, “kind” and didn’t “offend” others. These people have no conception of the current reality, and want to conduct themselves in this reality as though evil were not present. They want to ignore their responsibility, like a child.

This is a severe right-brain imbalance of attachment to the feeling-good, positive outlook on everything going on, with little wrong or evil occurring for them to be concerned about — that is, as long as it isn’t directly affecting their personal convenience. Wider True Care is not present in them, yet they tell themselves they are full of “love and light”, as if that will make a difference. Believing whatever we want locks us in delusions of fantasy that prevent us from affecting reality effectively.

Our construction of secondary perceptual reality is based on the available input from our experience. If we lack certain input of aspects of existence, then we will be ignorant of them and powerless to their influence. Evil and its various manifested forms need to be known.”

Alien and Satanic Interference  Use the Law of Awareness  very calmly and strategically anticipating their moves and take preventative measures

According to Tom Montalk:

“If I become aware of the problem and am mentally prepared to handle it, then it never happens again. So what you prepare for and calmly anticipate tends not to manifest.

This is the Law of Awareness. It’s as if awareness freezes a probable future in its tracks, keeps it from precipitating in the present moment.

This can be combined with the Law of Attraction to get rid of 90% of overt alien interference in your life.

So first and most important thing you can do, is drop the paranoia, the fear, the desperation, obsession, and victim mindset…

What you do is use the Law of Attraction to stop attracting, and use the Law of Awareness to start blocking.”

Check out Tom Montalk’s explanation .


It’s time to diffuse the evil energies that are trying to destroy this country!

It’s our duty as U.S. citizens to understand and question our government’s policies and legislation.

And ask who is really running our national security system?  Where’s the dialogue?

Why is the transparency going only one way – innocent citizen are exposed beyond necessity while the government hides beyond necessity.

Mind control technologies and an entire electronic plasma “Killer Grid” blanket the nation, controlled by malintent artificial intelligence (an ancient alien black goo) which is trying to create a hive mind by attacking our free will, individuality, spirituality and all that we cherish as humans.

This malintent AI (a cold blooded parasite) which consumes human energy will either wake people up because things become so absurd that people finally notice, or put them deeper into a mind control slumber, telling them what to think and do. 

If we allow legislation to pass which allows the harm or infringement of innocent people’s rights – it is time to question and hold our government (State and Federal) accountable, ask for reform, and have civilian oversight of matters concerning our right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.   That’s what I love about this country.

Revelation of Violent Acts on Innocent citizens

Just as the criminal Nazi Stasis were brought to justice, so will government agencies who perpetrate violent acts on innocent citizens. Many of these agencies’ perps who are involved in gang stalking (which is a felony) are waking up and repenting while increasingly targeted individuals (TIs) won’t be silenced. Together they will expose the torture, a silent holocaust, and bring it to a halt.

Millions of Souls will be WATCHING! A healthy caring moral world will be birth. This is a major spiritual initiation.

Remember the Divine Source and your I Am Presence are supporting you.

I’ll defend anyone’s right to believe and say whatever they want, if it’s authentic and not mind control memes intended to rob others of freedom, safety and dignity.

The Great Awakening – We’re ALL in this HUMAN awakening together, all races, all religions and all human groups.

We must unite and heal the trauma we’ve been through as nation and build what matters – healthy humanity!  Be human and not inhuman. We aren’t machines no matter how much we’ve subliminally been told we are.

A Gateway is Opening and the True multidimensional Self

A Gateway is Opening and there is a good chance the Great Awakening will restore the Sacred and the Great AMerican spirit along with the heart centered Golden Rule – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  And the Sacred will recalibrate our world beyond the frequency of malintent AI and evil forces.

The individual is at a crossroads of its True multidimensional Self, ready to break through the veil of amnesia to discover his/her powerful organic heart nature and creative abilities or if they aren’t ready to take responsibility they can go back to sleep and continue to learn on the wheel of reincarnation and the “prison planet”.

I encourage you can to find refuge in a moral caring world which is bubbling up and in this website.

This book will help you to learn how to take back your true organic power and take responsibility for your life.

Consider this book a resource with lots of Youtube Video and reference links. You could spend weeks exploring everything in this website, especially the uplifting methods of dealing with these unusual and exciting times as we bridge the 3rd dimension with the Sacred higher dimensions and enter a Golden Age.

Humanity is “sacred” and off limits to “the evil forces”.

It’s time to grow up, get practical, face up to a “broken system” and be proactive.  It’s time to inspire those who feel an urgency to band together for everything that is good! It’s time to diffuse hate and immorality with a “love” coordination SHIFT as humans band together for a loving humanity.  We are POWERFUL!

Thanks to all of you who support the Great Awakening!  May “the force” be with you!

And let’s consider our choices without panicking.

Read Natural Moral Law And Read secret space program and history on occulted world government and UN Agenda 21.


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