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Theory of Sun Simulator Explained

Solar Simulator?

Buffalo NY, 9-9-16 – Notice the transparent center and clouds that are behind this object.

Theory of

Sun Simulator Explained



orbit of simulator

Chris Potter and Wayne Steiger have connected the dots to explain the unusual 2007 Secchi photo above, it’s a solar simulator which is in orbit between the Earth and our real Sun.



Currently, 2016, we are seeing the same object with Secchi.

In the video above Wayne makes it clear how it’s done.

Bravo guys…Be Well.





Other investigators have been offering their observations.  Refer below to Big Asian Package Blog  – videos  –  I agree with his assessment about the Mandela Effect and psyops and why we should keep investigating.

HEXAGON Hypothesis 2 – How a Solar Simulator Works

Published on Mar 6, 2016

BAP Blog: In this follow-up video, but I explain how a solar simulator works, and answer the question of whether the sun as we understood it has existed before or exists presently. Short answer: yes.

If you have not seen the first part, I recommend doing so, otherwise this one may be a bit confusing.

I wonder if global dimming has anything to do with the Hexagon Hypothesis.

Artificial Sun & Cloud Cloaking – May 2016

Published on May 15, 2016

Distillations from Deceit: The local solar object is theorized to be many things. I am uncertain, but this is not a roadblock to moving forward. I examine the light coming from it and use it to make deductions about the cloud cloaked craft. Big Asian Package Blog

Ascension Timeline

The dark forces and the negative spell of energy which they cast around Earth no longer exist on the current Ascension Timeline.  Ask that this Ascension Timeline and the planet of Ascension, called Earth, be Revealed, Revealed, Revealed.

In accordance with the Universal Principles and for the highest good of All and as the “I AM presence”, Experience, Experience, Experience, the planet of Ascension, Earth, of higher frequencies of love and light existing in the FREE human zone of the New Worlds Universal Federation where galactic highways have opened up to include an enlightened humanity and humanity’s sacredness is honored as humanity enters the Golden Age of the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation.

SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT into the Golden Age of the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation. Watch and feel the vibrational SHIFT to the higher frequencies of love and light.

Sending Healing, Wisdom, and Understanding



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