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The HUM is at 55.24 MHZ on a RTL/SDR

The HUM is at 55.24 MHZ on a RTL/SDR

You can listen to the HUM using an inexpensive RTL/SDR dongle (from and free SDR software (from the internet) and find 55.24 mHZ on your software. Here you can hear the HUM if it’s in the skies over head. Then you can fine tune the frequencies to hear voices and layers of voices – called “mind viruses and memes” that the HUM will reveal – with you patience.Meteor Radio

The RTL/SDR is the device used by the meteor detector website at – try it on their website.  They are directing their antennae at a TV tower in Canada which broadcasts on channel 2 analog TV, around 55.24 MHz because to pick up meteor echoes they say you need a “powerful transmitter in VHF band (ideally a tower broadcasting analog TV on a channels 2-5) located not too close but not too far either from you, a TV antenna, a VHF receiver… and patience.”  Refer to Detecting meteor radio echoes using the RTL/SDR USB dRTL-SDR5ongle (presented at SARA Conference 2015)

Patience is the key when your using a RTL/SDR dongle and SDR software .  Your antennae only needs to be on.  No pointing.  It will pick up the huge radio signals the object in the sky is sending out – when and if it passes over your area in it’s orbit. It may be a Solar Simulator and/or satellite and it’s connected to the HUM – refer to my Solar Simulator post.  Keep in mind that the HUM can come from a number of sources transmitting radio signals.

Several investigators have talked about a possible Solar Simulator, including WSO.  They also talked about the meteor website where the RTL/SDR and SDR software had been picking up MAJOR radio signals that they deduced could be from a Solar Simulator.  Thank you guys for turning me on to 55.24.

Below is WSO’s powerful video which is worth watching again…and again.

WSO explores the Solar Simulator and what’s going on in our skies – 7-18-16

solar simulator



Frequency is important

The Divine SOUL AWAKENING that is occurring on the planet surpasses anything that the controllers might have used in the past due to their ignorance.

I started using the Online Tone Generator to defend myself. Only you know what your part is in this Divine AWAKENING and what frequency or frequencies work best for you.

Learn your mind’s frequency, not your brains frequency, and start broadcasting it along with these frequencies: wipes out negative energies – 417 Hz, miracle frequency – 432 Hz, angel frequency and DNA repair – 528 Hz, and Solfeggio 852 Hz  inner strength, and 963 Hz.

Trust that your consciousness can go beyond all of the ridiculous mind control, “alien” technology, dark spells and manufactured chaos.

We all asked to come to Earth during these amazing times.  And it has been an honor to be here, clearing old stuff, becoming responsible and preparing for of anew, self-determined, life enhancing and fulfilling human experience ahead.

Earth has been helping consciousness prepare for this leap.

A multidimensional gateway is opening and many are graduating after many lifetimes of Earth’s 3rd dimensional classroom.  Remember that when you deal with your shadow (called shadow work) you learn how to move multi-dimensionally and can access the current Ascension Timeline to the Golden Age of the Universal Human Family that is available. Reveal, reveal, reveal!

May God Ease Your Journey! And God Speed to You All.

Much Love ~ Cariel

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