ISS / Solar System

ISS: A Very Unusual Sunset at the International Space Station

ISS: International Space Station – Live

8-8-16,  11 pm (Pacific Time)

A Very Unusual Sunset at the International Space Station

Copy of ISSa14Notice the procession of planets or objects following the Sun.

The photos above are similar to WSO’s ISS photos – only at a different angle. Notice all the octagons.  ISS camera doesn’t have lens flares so there’s a reason they are there.  According to Steve Olson, that’s how the solar simulator was created, by stacking these layers of octagons, aren’t they beautiful?

Below, is the photo caught by WSO of the Solar Simulator directing it’s beam – located below the Earth.

Planet or Man Made Megastructure Blocking our Real Sun

Right behind and to the right of the Solar Simulator is possibly a large striped planet that’s blocking the real sun. Notice the possible moons by the object.  Or is this a man made megastructure to block the sun’s vital life force from our planet?  Dane Wigington talks about the planet being burned to a crisp and dying.

solar simulator2

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