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Super Giant or Planet X

BEANOBLACK:  Finds Huge Super Giant

Dec 25, 2011 – This video starts with Beano Black showing comet Lovejoy in 2011 and ends with him showing a “super giant” which NASA isn’t talking about – GO TO 12:36.

What is it, a dead star, sun, or earth like? How would this affect the earth?

secchi-B HI-1a

Huge Object – What is it?

I did my own research and sure enough here’s the photo of a huge object.  I tracked this throughout 2011 and on March 1, it was visible and then disappeared. It’s visible again on December 15.

It appears to be behind the noise and clearly is moving towards the Sun and on the 31st you can see it disappears into the Sun and there’s a massive flare.

It’s still available at – enter date 20111223 – choose telescope HI1, observatory B.

Beano Black shows another “super giant” – 12-20-2012  

This time going away from the Sun.

Thank you, Beano Black.  Be well.

Here are photos I took of it at  Observatory A, this time.

secchi-B HI-1b

secchi-A HI-1a12-20-2012









How many think this looks like the beginning of a zygote?

Huge Red Object Behind the “Sun”

I have been videoing a huge red object behind the “sun” since 7-24-16.  

8-2-16 – here are the latest photos below. 

Notice the sun’s halo is lopsided in all of the photos. This shouldn’t be.  It’s not a halo but a huge red object behind the so-called sun.

Is it a planet or man made megastructure that is blocking our real Sun?  Is it the striped planet others have photographed?

Some say there are as many as 8 new objects in the sky.  Exactly what these object are – remains to be seen. 

Notice our Sun approaches the huge Swiss cheese rotating planet (there are lens flare pointing to it).  And the Sun swings around it and moves on with the same configuration now on the other side of our Sun.


See for yourself

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It’s All About Frequency

Because the controllers have surrounded my home in negative energies/frequencies/electromagnetic soup – I started using the Online Tone Generator to defend myself.

Learn your mind’s frequency, not your brains frequency, and start broadcasting it along with these frequencies: wipes out negative energies – 417 Hz, miracle frequency – 432 Hz, angel frequency and DNA repair – 528 Hz, and Solfeggio 852 Hz  inner strength, and 963 Hz.

The Divine SOUL AWAKENING that is occurring on the planet surpasses anything that the dark overlords can imagine.

Trust that your consciousness can go beyond all of the ridiculous mind control, “alien” technology, dark spells and manufactured chaos.  Only you know what your part is in this Divine AWAKENING.

We all asked to come to Earth during these amazing times.  And it has been an honor to be here, clearing old stuff, becoming responsible and preparing for of anew, self-determined, life enhancing and fulfilling human experience ahead.

Earth has been helping consciousness prepare for this leap.

Reveal, reveal, reveal – a multidimensional gateway is opening and many are graduating after many lifetimes of Earth’s 3rd dimensional classroom.  Remember that when you deal with your shadow (called shadow work) you access your multi-dimensionality and the barrier only keeps 3rd dimensional Satan trapped.

May God Ease Your Journey! And God Speed to You All.

Much Love ~ Cariel

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