Crop circles / Planet X / Solar System

2016 Crop Circle: Star Systems Merging

Our Sun and Sirius Star Systems Conjoining

My photos above reveal the sky phenomenon on and around 7-24-16 which appears to be emulated in the crop circle above, as well.  This crop circle appeared in Essex, England, on the 24th and morphed on the 27th into photo below.

Could it be two sun systems joining together – the Sun and Sirius star systems conjoining?


Huge Rotating Planet – 8-2-16

I have been videoing the rotating huge planet since 7-24-16.   Notice, on 8-2-16 our Sun approaches the huge Swiss cheese rotating planet (there are lens flare pointing to it).  And the Sun swings around it and moves on with the same configuration now on the other side of our Sun.


ScienceTV on YouTube

And we’re on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy, but not to worry, it’s estimated 3.75 billion years from now

According to Jessica Orwig:

An epic war is coming between our home galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy, which is currently racing toward us at a speed of 250,000 mph.

Astronomers estimate that 3.75 billion years from now, Earth will be caught up amid the largest galactic event in our planet’s history, when these two giant galaxies collide.

Luckily, experts think that Earth will survive, but it won’t be entirely unaffected. The collision will unfold right in front of us, changing the night sky to look like nothing any human has seen before.

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