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Plasma Energy Fields Require Certification of Safety and Permission From HMHS

Some Plasma Energy Fields are no longer allowed – i.e. a Fog Like Energy Field


In 1943 the Navy conducted the Philadelphia Experiment to create a high voltage force field, an electromagetic field, with Telsa EMF technology which causes matter to loose electrons, thus creating a plasma field so strong as to alter matter, space and time, enough to move the USS Eldridge (DE [Destroyer Escort] 173) at the Philadelphia Navy Yard to Norfolk, VA instantly.  Men on board were able to walk through walls. Some of the men ended up caught in the metal when the ship returned to the physical level.

Remember, plasma consists of a collection of free moving electrons and ions – atoms that have lost electrons.  The different states of matter generally found on earth are solid, liquid, gas and plasma.

These technologies are not allowed unless the HMHS who can stop the plasma from developing allows it for certain circumstances.

Anyone who has meditated for a length of time has experienced, along with an altered state of consciousness, an organic electric-plasma field – “zero-point”.  In deed, Reich worked with “orgone” or orgasmic energy, a very different energy from the typical electromagnetic fields.  Kundalini is another example of this organic energy.  The agencies above don’t want people to know about these energies.

They are highly valued above the mechanical energies because they can open portals in the organic space-timeline – like walking through walls and glass doors which is just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Directed Energy Weapons No longer Operable Unless Permitted by the HMHS – Agile Mirror – New Generation Plasma Radar Not Allowed

According to NRL book, in 1996:

“Naval Research Laboratory scientists are working to bring the equally revolutionary dynamics of plasma physics to the world of military radar — and perhaps beyond.

Meet Agile Mirror, which is quite possibly a part of the radar of the future and is being developed at NRL’s Plasma Physics Division in collaboration with the Radar Division.

Agile Mirror consists of a plasma sheet formed in a low-pressure chamber by a gas discharge, explained Dr. Robert Meger, Head of the Charged Particle Physics Branch, Plasma Physics Division at NRL and principal investigator.

The present laboratory version measures 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters by one centimeter.”

“The plasma acts just like a conducting metal sheet to the microwaves.”

“Its broad-band capability will enable variable or multifrequency radars as well as use for electronic warfare, telemetry and communications.

Moreover, it and related technologies are potentially applicable to a variety of other than military purposes, including weather detection (searching for microbursts, for example), air-traffic control, telecommunications, discharge lighting, and even pollution control.

But the people developing the plasma mirror have a more immediate use in mind — aboard U.S. Navy ships and aircraft tracking multiple, high-velocity targets, said Dr. Meger.”

Plasma Mirror No longer operable – unless permitted by HMHS

NRL says:

“The plasma mirror, called Agile Mirror because of its ability to change direction rapidly and repeatedly, is a multipurpose, microwave beam director.

It represents advantages over existing radar technology including size, weight and cost, but especially electronic steering, wide bandwidth operation, and high power capability, he said.

“Because the plasma mirror is electronically steerable with no moving parts, it possesses the ability to move very fast from one point to another,” Dr. Meger said.

Dr. Meger explained that radar redirection (crucial for finding targets) originally depended on moving antennas mechanically. This limited response time. A substantial improvement in response time was achieved with phased arrays, which are used on Aegis cruisers.”

No longer Operable:

Directed Frequencies Weapon – Agile Mirror electronically directing single-element, high-power, high-frequency microwave beams to a target.

NRL says:

“Phased array radar, which moves electronically by changing the relative phase of individual elements of the array, is costly and has frequency limitations.

Frequencies are important because a target invisible in one frequency may be readily visible in another, Dr. Meger explained.

Agile Mirror differs significantly because it offers a means of electronically directing single-element, high-power, high-frequency microwave beams to a target.”

Is there a connection between Agile Mirror and Agile software, which is considered the improved replacement for PTech 9/11 software?

No longer operable – LED lighting Transistors Emit 15 – 20kV with Agile –Department of Energy $3.7 Million Cancelled Contract

According to :

Agile Delivery of Electrical Power Technology (ADEPT) — A large portion of the electricity we generate is lost before we can use it. ADEPT is focused on dramatically improving the efficiency and cost of power conversion and switching, among the main causes of electrical efficiency loss across the electrical grid and in electrical applications from cars to computers.

The ADEPT projects explore integrated circuits that incorporate high-voltage transistors and high-performance magnetic materials in applications such as: drivers for LED lighting that are 300 times smaller, power supplies for computers that are 10 times smaller, and light-weight chargers for electric vehicles.

These advanced components will enable miniaturization, increased efficiency and reduced cost. ADEPT is also focused on creating record-breaking, high-voltage transistors that can allow the electricity grid to be used like a large controllable, circuit. One of the ADEPT projects being funded is:

Cree Inc. (Durham, NC) – Silicon Carbide Power Modules for Grid Scale Power Conversion This project will develop advanced transistors for electrical substations that can make the electrical grid more flexible and controllable. Using silicon carbide material, these transistors will achieve record high voltage (15-20kV). With these advanced transistors, electrical substations could replace today’s massive (8000 lb) distribution transformers with much smaller, suitcase-sized electronic transformers (100 lbs). This project will receive $3.7 million in funding.

No longer operable – BURD: Underground Vault type of Transformer which operates between 4 kilovolts (kV) and 35 kV

An electronic transformer, BURD, directly across the street from my house, is inoperable.They are illegal and all of them have been turned off.

I learned that SCE stopped putting transformers underground in 2010 because they are illegal (refer below to photos of BURD – says HIGH VOLTAGE, SCE).

The Above-Ground Equipment (AGE) Initiative is the result of an Advice Letter filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) by SCE that was approved by Resolution E-4329 on April 22, 2010.

“SCE will no longer accept designs from Residential, Commercial, or Industrial customers for new electrical service that call for specified pieces of electrical equipment to be installed in underground structures such as Vaults.”

SCE, “existing underground equipment will no longer be maintained.”

“When existing underground equipment fails and must be replaced on an emergency basis, it will be replaced with the same or similar underground equipment, subject to availability. When existing underground equipment must be replaced for technical reasons and that replacement can be carried out in a planned process, SCE will consult with affected parties and attempt to place new equipment above-ground and on private property away from the public right-of-way wherever possible. The new rule applies to primary-voltage electrical equipment such as transformers, switches, fuse cabinets, and capacitors operating between 4 kilovolts (kV) and 35 kV.”

All LED smart street light have also been shut down.



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