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Antarctica – Underground Base and Peace Treaty

Dispute between Argentina and the UK over the Falkland Islands.

The Falkland Islands are considered self-governed, however, the UK provides for its defense and foreign affairs.

In 1982, the British government fought a war with Argentina to protect its claim in the Falkland’s (refer below to David Griffin). During the 2011 referendum 98 percent of residents favored the status quo and islanders cannot accept Argentinian sovereignty against their will.

“In the long standing dispute, Buenos Aires claims it inherited the Falkland Islands from the Spanish crown in 1816, while London justifies its position saying it has continuously administered the territory since 1833, as well as the islands’ population, which is almost entirely of British descent.”  RT

Recently, Argentina has once again, claimed rights to Falkland’s resources, including the Falkland oil fields which are not your typical oil fields! (Refer below to UN ruling)

UN ruling on Argentina’s territorial waters claim

Human Race’s are Protected

PEACE TREATY SIGNED – November 11, 2016

john-kerry-11-12-16-antarticaU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and members of his delegation hike towards the historic Shackleton hut near McMurdo Station, Antarctica on Friday, Nov. 11, 2016. Secretary Kerry is traveling to Antarctica, New Zealand, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and will attend APEC in Peru on his 9 day trip. (Mark Ralston/Pool Photo via AP)

What we are not told: 

On November 11, 2016 – This historic hut is the entry to an underground facility where Earth’s Planetary Alliances met to sign a historical peace treaty with HMHS for the betterment of the Planet Earth and the Ascension process that supports Earthlings in the Free Zone where technology is no longer a threat to life, as we enter a new 26,000 year cycle of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as exemplified on a new Earth.

What we are told by the Newstimes:

John Kerry talks climate change but not Trump in Antarctica

November 12, 2016
McMURDO STATION, Antarctica (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t comment on Donald Trump’s election victory while visiting Antarctica, but did say that citizens who care about limiting emissions might have to march in the streets to push for more aggressive action.
Kerry became the highest-ranking American official to visit Antarctica when he landed for a two-day trip on Friday. He’s been hearing from scientists about the impact of climate change on the frozen continent.
Trump has called climate change a hoax and said he would “cancel” U.S. involvement in the landmark Paris Agreement on global warming.
“We need to get more of a movement going,” Kerry said when addressing several hundred scientists and staff at an evening event at McMurdo Station, the large base which is the hub for U.S. operations. “We need to get more people to engage.”
Kerry said there was a risk that much of Antarctica’s ice will eventually flow into the ocean, raising sea levels worldwide.
Despite the Paris agreement to cut the fossil-fuel emissions causing the planet to warm, “we haven’t won the battle yet,” Kerry said to the audience that included many young people involved in climate research.
Earlier, a planned visit to the South Pole was scrapped because of bad weather. Instead, Kerry and members of his entourage were taken on a helicopter tour of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, one of the few parts of Antarctica that are largely free of ice year-round.
Kerry left from New Zealand early Friday aboard a C-17 Globemaster military cargo plane after being held up for about a day by bad weather. An experienced pilot, Kerry spent much of the flight in the cockpit of the huge jet, chatting with the pilots.
After a smooth trip of about five hours, the group landed on the Pegasus Ice Runway, the strip of ice that serves McMurdo.
Kerry’s aides described the trip as a learning opportunity for the secretary of state. He has been receiving briefings from scientists working to understand the effects of climate change on Antarctica.
Kerry has made climate change an intensive focus of American diplomacy during his term, and had previously spent decades working on the issue as a U.S. senator.
He planned to return to New Zealand on Saturday for a meeting with Prime Minister John Key. Kerry plans to fly next week to the Middle East for talks, and then onward to a global climate conference in Morocco, where he will give a major speech.

Read between the lines the following, according to Portland Press Herald:

Kerry made no public remarks on the initial leg of the trip. In Christchurch a day earlier, he congratulated President-elect Donald Trump for winning a “momentous election” and said he had reminded State Department staff of the “time-honored tradition of a very peaceful and constructive transfer of power.”

There has been a transfer of power and he’s not talking about the U.S. Presidency!antarctica-hut-john-kerry




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