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Your Imagination, Universal Law and Magical Orgonite: You Are Powerful

The Etheric Warriors Radio Hour — Episode #1: Carol Croft and Dooney

A Must See video. Orgonite, gemstones and understanding energy.orgonite

At mark 122 – Dooney:  Understanding energy.  It’s for overall protection.  You have to be aware.  When you’re out of your home and in your car – they can come at you.  It can be painful work.  You must be prepared if you are to be of service.  Sleep is when we’re etherically vulnerable.  They try to attack when we sleep.  Use dreams to attack.

Carol Croft:  It’s a lot of responsibility with being in charge of you’re own etheric energy – in touch with universal law, walking your talk, and heart based.

If ley-lines cross your house and if feels like someone is watching – where ley-lines cross there’s an opening where negative energies come in.  Psychics are under attack.  This is MY SPACE!  You must ask permission.



www.worldwithoutparasites.com – Don Croft Zappers & Carol Croft Products

www.crystalinsights.net – Carol Croft Products & Gemstones

http://www.donebydooney.com/orgonite-info-vendors/ – Gemstone Energy Bracelets by Laura Weise (a.k.a. Dooney) who is an energy worker who does remote healings, chakra tune-ups, cord removal, and entity removal, among other things.

Covert Hostility Predominates within Our Government – signs of government sponsored mind control 

In Adventures of Don and Carol Croft, Don reports about numerous “peculiar incidents” as they began working with ORGONE, 2001 to 2005.

Signs of government sponsored mind control and technology led to the conclusion:

The government is not our friend. It is the nature of governments that they seek to control their citizens. Not only that, but it has been my observation that in our times in America the emotional tone that overwhelmingly predominates within our government and elsewhere that I have been is Covert Hostility. ~ Don Croft

Don says:

So there is always the pretense of “We’re here to help you.” while the reality is otherwise. There is a spectrum of emotional tone from apathy and grief all the way up to enthusiasm and serenity, ranging from complete disempowerment down at apathy, all the way to infinite empowerment at serenity.

Those in covert hostility are just empowered enough to want to blindside others and disempower them. They are not the kind of folks that want to see you accomplish great things. Usually they will find reasons to handicap you all they can as long as you don’t have any hold over them. In their lexicon control means limit.

Again it is the nature of governments that whenever a thing can be abused it ends up being. These things get rationalized in a wide variety of ways. Things are set up supposedly for public benefit, to help people in spite of themselves. And it goes from there.

So I’ve been watching now for nearly three decades for signs of government sponsored mind control. You know, to stop riots, panics, and insurgencies? It is the government’s job to do these things and to use whatever means are necessary.

Don pointed out that the proliferation of cell phone towers was greater than it seemed could be explained by cell phone service. I thought about it and something like 5 or 6 new cell towers have gone up in my county and I can’t say cell phone service has improved much, if any. I’ve also driven down an awfully lot of highway and I’ve seen many cases when I would be in sight of, even right next to what apparently are cell phone towers and not gotten any cell phone reception, despite the fact I have free roaming. In a couple cases I’ve parked nearby and tried and tried.

Don seemed to think that many of these towers haven’t anything to do with cell phones, but are simply mind control towers. But, according to him, ALL the cell phone towers are fitted out with mind control technology as well. That’s a comforting thought. I suppose there won’t be any riots in MY county. If it looks like insurgency they can just broadcast for everyone to report to the courthouse to be fitted with a collar. There will be some isolated folks in secluded valleys, but as soon as they come out on the highway they will be caught up in the broadcasts.

On the other hand this sort of thing could be dangerous, and is a far cry from the self- empowering ideals that the USA was founded on and that made it such a hotbed of capability. Sure the government must keep the populace under control and safe. Trouble is the most under control and the safest is dead.

Don seemed to think he might have the answer to this. He makes a plug about the size of a hockey puck but thicker with his resin/metal organite around a crystal and a bit of hematite and calls it a “terminator.” He claims if he chunks this within a quarter mile or so of one of these mind control towers that it feeds back into the tower and shuts it down.

He had a meter that measured electromagnetic pulses and we went out to visit towers. Sure enough they pulse pretty strongly. However, though we terminated a few towers I couldn’t seem to get conclusive evidence with the meter that we had shut them down. The first one may have been shut off as soon as any evidence appeared on the instruments wherever these things are monitored. Don seemed sure the towers were monitored and that seems plausible enough.

The next one gave off a good signal, but after we chunked the terminator out the signal faded from the tower and yet we started to pick up strong pulses from several different directions. Some kind of a back-up system we didn’t know about? The third tower never gave off much of any signal from the start. Did they shut it down ahead of us? I want to see more evidence along these lines.

In any event it seems clear that if these towers are mind control towers or double as mind control towers, they are not ready to send out the signal for all persons to report for collars or implants yet. Were Don and Tim suffering from hyperactive imaginations? They seemed to have a variety of stories to tell about their encounters with “maintenance” personnel, whom they believed were actually government agents–the kind of thing one might expect as shared paranoid fantasies. Though these two seemed otherwise healthy and emotionally quite upbeat.

It would be easy to dismiss this as paranoia, and it is inviting to do so from the viewpoint one wouldn’t have to think any further about it. Nonetheless this could be more than mere paranoia, and I invite people to THINK for themselves.

I also caution the naive that just because they don’t know anyone who would set up a mind control system and use it to round up dissidents for execution along with controlling the population does NOT mean such people do not exist. It does not take many giving the orders.

Episode 60 – The Croft’s Meeting with Karl Hans Welz

Karl Welz has a scientific approach to radionics and uses remote energy work from a background of Runic Magic – in 1998 he’d found a way to generate orgone.

Don continues:

Karl would say that orgonite is an accumulator, and that’s technically correct, but in effect, according to the research that Carol and I have done with it one can say that it also generates orgone, since it converts ambient deadly orgone, or ‘disorganizing energy,’ as Hugh Lovel calls it, into healthy orgone.

One might argue that something can’t be gotten from nothing, unless one acknowledges the Taoist notion that nothing is really something 😉 since the universe is arguably a sea of potential from which energy and matter manifest, it may just be another way of saying the universe is a sea of ether/orgone/chi/lifeforce, etc.

Whenever someone asks me to explain how orgonite work I have to laugh a little bit, since answering that is like explaining the Tao. It just works and no amount of intellectual calisthenics will bring an understanding of the fundamentals, which need to be felt, to be understood.

I’d say that Karl Welz pushes the envelope more than anyone else in terms of defining what one might do to influence one’s own life and environment through the intelligent application of the combination of orgonite and simple electronics. His attitude is that a principle must be reduced to its simplest conceivable form before it can be considered useful.

The domain of magic was exclusive until the old paradigm began fading into obscurity. Now it’s available to anyone who has the inclination to explore its uses. In his own words: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts. One of these words is “magick”.

Actually, what most people call “magick” is nothing but action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics.

You will learn more about structural links later! It is a well-known fact that the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends originally implanted these fears and doubts. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population!

So we decided to use the word “magick” and other similar words whenever they are the best choice to accurately describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions. We had a peek at his top of the line device, the ATGS 3000, which can be adjusted to apply twelve different frequencies through the twelve arcs that correspond to the zodiac, all arranged around and through a ring of orgonite, the witness material being placed in the center section.

I know that applying different frequencies to orgonite and or crystal devices can have quite a strong, specific effect if it’s intelligently done.

We’ll be getting one of his wheels and working on some pet projects that we started in February, namely the destruction by orgonite-boosted radionics of the Federal Reserve Corporation, which is a thoughtform created by parasitic/predatory ritual magic and is certainly not a lawful entity.

Episode 61 What’s The Opposite of ‘Atlanta’s Burning?

Don continues:

I invite you to experiment with these little devices where you live. It’s cheap enough, I’m not selling anything and you may learn something valuable in the process…

We had disabled a nuclear power plant under Stone Mountain a couple of weeks before that, and that essentially disabled most of the military and HAARP transmitters around there, instantly…

Tim O’Donnell put small orgonite devices around parts of the city and Carol and I were pleasantly surprised to find that the ambience when we arrived wasn’t nearly as oppressive as it was on our previous visit, two years before.

It was terrific having Tim as our guide and his help disabling all the HAARP transmitters early on, as well as showing us the way to the principle deathforce generating sites, such as prisons, underground facilities and war cemeteries was timely and valuable.

One of our first visits was to the Center for Disease Control, which has got to be one of the most blatantly satanic of the fake government’s institutions used to wage war on the populace. The very largest HAARP transmitters were located right around that facility, which didn’t surprise us.

It seems obvious to me that the fake US government had planned to have us firmly under martial law by the time the network of military transmitters was completed early last fall. Right now, those towers are stark reminders of their murderous intent and all I’m waiting for is for more people to start asking themselves and each other why in hell these pricey, secret-technology monstrosities were so quickly put up all over the world in the space of a single year.

Steven White put up the region’s first cloudbuster almost two years ago in Cumming, which is about thirty miles north of Atlanta, but due to the proliferation of HAARP and other military transmitters between there and the city, the good effects can’t easily be seen in the metropolitan area.

On our trip west from Florida two years ago with the first orgonite cloudbuster we were awestruck at the sight of dense smog over whole regions of the country and the omnipresent chemtrails, which we had seen few of on our trip to Florida eight months before that. By last May there were enough cloudbusters in the US to have disabled all of the chemtrails except over many of the metropolitan areas, where the combined concentrations of HAARP and other military transmitters produced and maintained an overpowering level of deadly orgone radiation (DOR).

In a few cities, like Boston and Seattle, the ambient energy level is high enough that one or two cloudbusters accomplishes what took 30 gallons of orgonite was required to do in Atlanta, though those two cities are about the same size as the latter.

My daughter, Bevin, who has a CB in Boston, had never noticed chemtrails until she went to Cape Cod last week and was shocked to see what I’d been telling her about. Before she got her cloudbuster she’d never noticed the sky much and that one disabled all the chemtrails over the western part of Boston, at least, since the day it was set up on her back porch in Waltham, in November, 2001.

Very simply, to get rid of all the smog and sky molestations, all that’s needed is to disable the towers. We fist did all the HAARP transmitter arrays throughout the city, then I spent a week systematically disabling all the smaller military transmitters, of which there are around five hundred in Atlanta.

Anyone can do this. We used about thirty gallons of orgonite for that city of two million people to make the towerbusters and holy handgrenades. I didn’t count, but it seems we made about a thousand 4-ounce towerbusters and a hundred 12-ounce holy handgrenades. In my towerbusting ventures, I’ve estimated that the distribution of the new towers is about one for every two thousand people in most areas…

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising occupied a large part of the German army for three months during the middle of World War II. The combatants in the ghetto were a few lightly armed, starving men and women in an enclosed area. It seems to me that the world order had this event in mind when they devised a plan to disable the populace on a moment’s notice with these powerful new scalar transmitters.

By using these, they would be able to use just a small number of soldiers to control a large number of temporarily disabled people until humanity could be culled to it’s desired level of five hundred million. A few of us have already ‘liberated’ enough of the armed US populace from the danger that these towers represent that all the armies in the world would not be enough to suppress an uprising, much less zipcuff, haul off, and decapitate the individuals like you and I who are on the unlawful secret police agencies’ endless lists of ‘enemies of the state’ right now.

We aim to see to it that they’re the ones who eventually go to prison, not us.

According to the Georgia ‘Guide Stones,’ on which are engraved the world order’s wish list of 1979, this population reduction was to have been achieved by 2003, so we can assume they’re already many years behind schedule, hence the military towers as a last ditch effort to play catch up.

My hunch is that the towers were a long shot at best. I guess that since they’ve got unlimited material resources but limited human resources they had to make a serious adjustment and they really did stick their neck out too far this time.

They did better with the incremental steps to tyranny because, like any parasite, they have had to operate in a way that wouldn’t draw attention to themselves or else their position is compromised.

They invested endless resources into brainwashing and mind control programs designed to convince us all that we were helpless, hopeless and powerless to change the course of human history, not unlike the way that common parasites excrete ammonia into the brain to alter our perceptions and make us depressed and listless.

I subscribe to the belief that we are in an accelerating, upward cycle of human consciousness. I don’t subscribe to any of the protocols created through the United Nation’s Lucis Trust (formerly named Lucifer Trust) regarding this cycle because I think that the folks who own that agency are the problem, not a source for solutions or answers.

I don’t pretend to be privy to the actual timing described by the Mayan calendars, but I’m quite sure that what we do this year will be crucial to the future of humanity and if we can at least reduce the destruction and mayhem that the world order wishes to commit in these, its final days, then we’ve done something unique and may have set the tone for a phenomenally productive human spiritual/social/scientific cycle, which has already begun.

Most truly great things begin as un-noticed, even obscure movements in consciousness. The conundrum, perhaps, of personal empowerment like we’re experiencing in this little network is that the one empowered has less net potential to exploit others when he/she gets involved with using the orgonite and related devices to heal ourselves, humanity and the environment.

I think that has something to do with universal law. In a lawless world like ours is right now we are helping to bring balance and fruition to a cycle of history that could still go the other direction if we don’t pay attention and follow our instincts right now.

The stark reminders of where we perhaps should all have ended up by now are standing in full view from any point in the populated areas and even on most of the mountaintops near population centers: the new, secret-tech military transmitters for which no viable explanation or even excuse has been given through the prostituted media or even over the internet.

Many of us in the informal, emerging global cloudbuster network feel certain that if we hadn’t made our devices in a timely way we may well have entered a global, artificially-induced famine by now…

One 12-ounce holy handgrenade will disable most HAARP arrays, including the enormous four-tower LORAN transmitters that are allegedly for navigation. For the very extensive HAARP arrays, such as the one on the coast north of San Francisco, use your discretion but two or three HHgs might be needed in those rare cases…

An interesting characteristic of disabling the new transmitters is that the net effect is actually better than if the towers had never been erected in the first place.

It may be too early to tell, but some of us suspect that the towers are generating, through the little orgonite devices, greater fields of life-force/ch’i/prana/orgone/aether than would be there if the towers had not been built…

I favor ‘orgone’ because I want to credit Dr. Wilhelm Reich for his contributions to science and humanity. One graphic example of the synergy of deathforce transmitters and the orgone-generating three-ounce towerbusters, for me, is the effect I saw on the people in a large housing project south of downtown Atlanta.

There were several large transmitters around this complex and when I visited there to disable them the people I saw outside looked angry and suspicious. A week later I went there and saw that there were more people outside and that most of them seemed happier and more outgoing…

Most of us had already experienced the transformative quality of orgonite devices within the home and workplace but Carol and I wanted to see if we could extend these benefits to a large urban area.

I credit these transformations with mankind’s innate striving to find happiness.

Years ago, I quit buying into the Big Lie that humanity is inherently miserable.

There may be a few people who are that way, but they’re the exception, as far as I can tell, and I consider avoidance of these folks a precious benefit.

Episode 62B – Suggestions of Engagement

The real performers with these devices are our imaginations and all of us have one of those.

Please don’t underestimate the power of your own imagination!

The crystal-based devices that Carol and I developed, also Mark Hooten’s Shiva and other new creations of other folks, access and amplify the latent power of our imaginations so all we need to do is convince our ego-based doubts and fears to step aside and let the rest of us do what needs to be done these days to prevent the world’s gang of tyrants from committing mayhem and genocide as they exit history’s stage.

Don’t worry—if your target is not guilty he/she won’t experience anything more than a vague discomfort and if the target is innocent the energy will likely feel good to him/her.  That’s how this new technology works.

When I use my PW to disable a secret police predator or other tyrannical miscreant or enabler, I sometimes imagine that I’m standing knee deep in water with the raging ocean behind me.

I imagine the ‘recipient’ about to get a huge wave of orgone crashing over him/her. I feel the water recede all the way down to my feet, rushing out toward where my a** end is facing as a tsunami builds up.

I do this on a slow in breath. Then, as I exhale, the wall of water/orgone hits the target. I feel it all over the front of my body as a sort of outward pressure in this case.

Carol says that really freaks them out or kills them, depending on their threat (to humanity) level.

It always takes them by surprise, she says.

Another technique: I imagine my doppelganger, which is a big, black panther most of the time, prowling around the target, looking for an opportunity to pounce.

If the targets are just some chump psychic agents or internet NSA hackers, he knocks them down and plays with them, as a cat does with a bird or mouse, and they get terrified beyond comprehension (my internet browser operates as it should from that moment, most often).

If the target is a killer, I see the very hungry panther ripping his/her throat or guts out and I even imagine myself relishing it—I think that makes it more real for the target.

Remember that we’re not making these determinations and if the imagined target is harmless (we all goof sometimes) nothing at all will happen except that I feel a little chagrinned.

In most cases, I get angry before I do the work. Righteous anger is like gasoline on a fire. If you think anger is always a bad thing, try to figure out how to disable the programming that was used to convince you that this is true, okay?

You can bet those programmers don’t want you angry at them.

Another one: As I breathe both in and out, I imagine spirals of bright orgone moving up through the target, spinning very fast. I spin them both ways, so it looks like a DNA molecule pattern. I don’t know if any of the crystal-based devices will work if one is unwilling to use the imagination.

Imagination gets a bad rap in our culture because of some pseudoscience and/or religious mental programming considerations. In fact all of the great discoveries were made by people with extremely active imaginations.

It’s only when it gets out of hand or when drugs are used that the imagination tends to be fruitless and misleading.

I think a good imagination is also tied to one’s control of the ego.

The ego, when out of line, always skews the imagination, sidetracks us and gets us false data, which is why I ignore channeling.

Having said all that, you really need to find your own expression with these tools…

Here’s Cheri’s account about using her Powerwand and you can see that her approach is entirely different, though certainly as viable: “I think I was psychically attacked night before last – my lower back was killing me, then my middle back. I got into bed about 8:30 at which point I got a sharp pain in my right side. I pushed it with my finger – sore – weird. My little PoWi [Powerwand] was on a dresser busily covering about 5 other things, but, from bed (in my mind), I just told it that if this was an attack by the dark side, would it please stop my pain and send it back to them tenfold, then on up the chain of command to the top.

All pains were gone within 3 seconds. No Sh*t!!!!! So I’m keeping this PW and ordering another one for my sister. This one’ll work great in sync with my Shiva – the bad boyz are goin’ down!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Astral Visitors: A good test for you to determine if the PW is ‘doing something’ is when your computer gets hacked by the NSA/CIA.

I get that interference nearly every time I get online these days and, as I said, they stop as soon as I focus some special attention on the hacker, though sometimes I need to attend to the hackers’ superiors if I’m in a hot spot due to having done something particularly hurtful to their collective predatory agenda and in those cases it’s usually one of the superiors who is hacking my computer, Carol tells me.

The boss hackers, usually MIB, have a lot more talent, resources and determination than the chump level hackers. Carol says they’re always shocked/angry that somebody like me can actually ID and stop them.

For psychic peekers I find it expedient to blast them every time the thought occurs to me that my privacy is being compromised by them. As a rule, I do this every time I even think of them because that’s probably exactly when they show up.

Some are clever at hiding. These days the NSA won’t do anything at all until/unless one or more of their psychics can get a clear picture of our circumstances, so disabling the astral visitors really puts a kink in their plumbing.

Remember that anyone who is in the astral plane is particularly vulnerable to our brand of interference, and in that world the imagination of the corporate entity (you, the would-be victim) is king, so have some fun with these vampires, okay?

You’ll no doubt find, as I have, that you’ll get fewer and fewer intimations of psychic peeking as you progress. The psychics in the NSA and the other secret police agencies in the world know the score; don’t kid yourself.

None of them are under any illusion of patriotism or the desire to serve humanity. None.

The remote viewers are another story. Many of them are legitimate military men and women.

If one of them hasn’t figured out that many of their targets are innocent and that the people ordering the viewing are criminals, give him/her a blast when you sense the intrusion and it will make the right impression without harming the viewer.

I feel them as rather clumsy intrusions compared to the higher-level professional psychics. I think the secret police use them as backup only.

Remember that every single molestation of your privacy, your skies, even your mail, is just another opportunity for you to exercise your right to protect yourself and your family and friends from this vast corporate monster that I’m calling the world order.

All of these intrusions are at the hands of the secret police and their affiliated chumps in the otherwise more legitimate police agencies around the world.

The satanic orders, like Golden Dawn, Theosophical masonry, etc., are sub-groups of the secret police and do their dirty work on occasions when the fake governments of the world want to divert attention from themselves…

Stop the secret police from enforcing the world order’s agenda and we will have effectively disabled the world order’s terror campaign and the next logical step will be the dissolution of the corporate entities that are posing as legitimate national, state, county and local governments in the world.

Then, I think it will be natural and easy to fix this political mess by dissolving all heavily centralized ‘authority’ and consulting locally and at the county and state levels to arrange for more organic, manageable and feasible forms of government…

I figure that for every hundred powerwands and Shivas out in the market there will be about fifteen or twenty of them in the hands of people who will use them as I propose, and that’s probably enough to finish off this corporate beast that’s posing as legitimate police agencies around the world.

If you’re one of the remaining majority who hasn’t the inclination or courage to take this monster on, you can at least be sure that just turning the thing on and staying within its sphere of protection will at least keep them at bay in your case and you’ll probably be physically safe from them as long as they don’t get their wish and establish martial law…

It’s in vogue now to talk about reptilians and ET predators but in fact Carol and I believe that the human ones are far more dangerous right now and if we ignore the non-human ones we’ll still win the game if we focus on these more immediate, fake-government physical threats.

Only humans can do the real dirty work and the real healing in the world right now. If you have the inclination and talent to deal with the reptilians, draconians, B-Sirians, etc., that are in league with this fake world government the Powerwand and Shiva generally work on them the same way they work on astral human peekers, so have some fun with them. Most of them are a lot cleverer than their human cohorts and can manipulate time and events better, which I think is their calling card. Humans simply aren’t clever or resourceful enough to do that kind of interference work, in my opinion.

Undermining the world order by neutralizing the secret police agencies will also effectively disable any alien or reptilian intentions for us, we believe.

The higher ups, who are searching for ways to secretly kill not only us, but millions of other innocents, are relentlessly inventing ways to interfere with us, so when these chumps show up it’s an open invitation to imagine the Powerwand’s energy disabling the killers in the higher ranks, which I did in this case and which you can certainly do, too.

Have you noticed that nobody’s ridiculing ‘conspiracy theories’ these days? If anyone I talk to expresses doubt about the power of conspiracy, I hold up the physical evidence of the vast network of new military transmitters as stark testimony to what the world regime has in store for us if we don’t stop them.

Editor’s Note Commenting on Don saying “Try it!

Ken Adachi says:

Yesterday, I had lunch with Ted Gunderson. On our way into the restaurant, I stopped in the parking lot to show Ted how easy it was to dissipate a cloud using the Visual Ray, a technique I learned from Trevor James Constable’s book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life

Since we’ve been seeing real clouds of late, I wanted Ted to experience the same thrill that I felt when I first tried Visual Ray cloudbusting in that very parking lot about 3 years ago, having only read about the technique in Trevor’s book.

I pointed to a nice puffy, cotton ball cloud and said that it would evaporate in about 3 minutes or less. As I eyeballed the cloud, Ted asked me what I was doing and wanted to know if he could join in. I said “sure”. I told him what I was doing and within 90 seconds that cloud had completely disappeared.

Ted was ecstatic! He couldn’t get over it. He had never, in his wildest imagination, thought that it was possible to do something as seemingly ‘magical’ as that and he kept shaking his head repeating the word ‘amazing’ as we walked into the restaurant.

I relate this anecdote because Don Croft is also doing something seemingly ‘magical’ with easy-to-make orgone generators, the Powerwand being the latest evolutionary development in anti-parasite technology. If you’ve been keeping up with the last 12 or 13 episodes of his Adventures series, you know just how effective the Powerwand (and its Hootenized cousin, the Shiva) has been in neutralizing, crippling, or, in some cases, evaporating those forces opposed to peace, brotherhood, freedom, and good will.

Don keeps repeating to the reader that you can do the same things he is doing in his Adventures episodes, if you are but willing to engage. Like Visual Cloudbusting, you’ll never experience the thrill (and benefits) of astral jousting with orgone toys -unless you try it.

Think about it for a minute. Imagine that you had access to Aladdin’s Lamp and could get the Genie to give you ‘capabilities’ to thwart and abort high-tech, unevolved souls dedicated to a negative, destructive agenda directed towards you and your fellow man. You could employ these ‘magical toys’ from the comfort of your living room and never expose yourself to direct physical danger or engage in mortal physical combat. Your magical toy is self-governing by design: it can only harm those who are engaged in the business of harming others.

The ‘action’ takes place in your mind, with the assistance and amplification afforded by the orgone toys (and unseen, higher dimensional beings engaging the ‘un evolved ones’.

The degree of pain inflicted by your toy is proportional to the level of evil to which your target has sunk.

Those who are newbies to the game of fascist enslavement get a bad headache and are otherwise made to wish they were engaged in some other type of work.

The bosses, the planners, and the really nasty ‘enforcers’, usually suffer a more harrowing fate.

Now, wouldn’t that be neat? Well, that’s precisely what’s taking place.

Mind you, Don & company are often going after the ‘heavies’ and Big Boys of the NWO Police State.

These are the ‘people’ who will be handing out orders to the dumbed-down military and police pawns when they kick in their martial law/roundup/concentration camp scenario.

What if a large percentage of these ‘people’ became incapacitated in some way and couldn’t carry on their work?

What would other negative cohorts do if they started to notice that their all-powerful bosses and planners with their invincible, high tech/black magic technologies began to drop out of sight?

Would that begin to worry them? Would they become concerned that they might be next and maybe think about looking for another line of work? You bet your boots!

If there’s one thing you can absolutely plan on when dealing with an un-evolved, Service-To-Self entity, it’s their desire for self-preservation.

Make the kitchen hot enough and these guys will jump ship faster than you can say, “Osama bin Laden did it!”

Read Magical Orgonite is a Threat to the NWO’s Killer Grid

Ascension Timeline and the Magnificent Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation.

We all asked to come to Earth during these amazing times.  And it has been an honor to be here, clearing old stuff, becoming responsible and preparing for a new, self-determined, life enhancing and fulfilling human experience ahead. The SOUL AWAKENING that is occurring on the planet surpasses anything imaginable.

In accordance with the Universal Principles and for the highest good of All and as the “I AM presence”, many of Earth’s humans have chosen the divinely guided Ascension process and will successfully enter the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation. Reveal, reveal, reveal. Watch and feel the vibrational SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT to the higher frequencies of awareness, love and light. Experience, Experience, Experience, the higher frequencies of awareness, love and light and galactic highways opening up to help Earth’s humans in their Ascension process and humanity is at a crossroads as described in the  Magnificent Universal Human Consciousness.


Sending Healing, Wisdom, and Understanding




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