Electromagnetic Radiation / Gang Stalking / Population Control

Magical Orgonite is a Threat to the NWO’s Killer Grid

Mehrzad Malekzadeh was wrongly imprisoned due to “police leaping to the assumption that he was making terrorist threats.”

Two months ago on a Houston social network gibs tried to draw attention to this case,  gibs says:

“I believe this may be a case of racial discrimination and wrongful imprisonment. If he was having a psychotic episode, or simply going about his business wearing orgonite (which is what he claims), I don’t think he should be serving jail time…

This man was charged in 2014 for alleged terrorist threats at a walmart in Houston and for having several so-called “hoax bomb devices” around his waist. My understanding is that he is now in jail… He had no intention of creating terrorist threats or hoax bombs, and was simply carrying his orgonite on his person and in his car.” Here’s a news story about it: http://abc13.com/archive/9509279/

And here’s Mehrzad Malekzadeh petition on Chang.org: https://www.change.org/p/release-mehrzad-malekzadeh-and-stop-harrassing-him-for-trying-to-make-the-earth-a-better-place-release-mehrzad-malekzadeh-from-jail-and-or-mental-hospital-and-stop-all-future-harassment

Read what gibs says at Paranoid schizophrenic convicted of terror charges and jailed in 2014, after bomb scare while carrying new-age “orgonite” rocks

Magical Orgonite is a Threat to the NWO’s Killer Grid

Thanks gibs for trying to help.  But there were several things that I found disturbing.  First, clearly the police leaped to judgement and Mehrzad Malekzadeh should not be in prison.

I also found gibs “leaped to judgement” by assuming that believing in orgonite makes one “clearly nuts”, “mentally ill” or “schizophrenic”.

Additionally, I’m more inclined to listen to what Mehrzad Malekzadeh has to say in his videos about being a “targeted individual” because the NWO finds orgonite to be a threat to the ELF mind control killer grid/cell towers, etc.  Read Don and Carol Croft’s story

Malekzadeh’s videos make sense if you listen and want to learn about frequency weapons being used on innocent people and how to protect yourself using orgonite and strategically placing it on the exterior of your home near entry points of cables, piping, and electric wiring (video below).

Easy to make Tower Busters



Orgonite may seem magical but there’s a science behind it.  

Here what Chris has to say:

The study of orgone energy began with Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who came to prominence in the 1930s and 1940s with his studies on body armoring and sexual energy. He became fascinated with observing this subtle energy within himself and others and began to conduct experiments to see if he could create more of it outside body.

From there, he began to conduct experiments in developing an apparatus that could harness and make orgone. For some of his experiments, he created “orgone accumulators,” cabinets that were lined with layers of both metal and non-metal materials. He used some of these apparatuses, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration felt that he made false claims. He was commanded by a judge to destroy his equipment. Reich’s study of orgone was not accepted as legitimate by the scientific community.
Healing and Orgone

Because orgone is just another name for the subtle energy or life force of the body, it is the primary factor in all healing of the body. When the body’s life force, qi or orgone is low or out of balance, the body’s immune system is low and more susceptible to disease. When your orgone energy is restored or increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself, the orgone level is higher. New developments in energy medicine–as well as ways to create orgone through new technologies–are also now being utilized to assist in the healing of disease and increasing a person’s life force.


The effects of raising your life force or orgone energy are many. Since disease is considered to represent an energy imbalance of life force or qi by Chinese, Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine, the restoration and increase of your life force energy or orgone energy has a definite positive effect upon your health.


There are many modalities to balance and increase your orgone energy in the body. Some of these include Chinese medicine and acupuncture, energy medicine technology, Reichian or bio-energetic therapy, qi gong and Tai chi and the use of an orgone-producing apparatus.

Benefits of Orgone in the Atmosphere

The development of new technologies to increase orgone in the atmosphere has also caused positive healing effects. On the African continent with the use of new technology to increase the orgonite in the environment, cloud formations have changed, chemtrails have disappeared, rain has occurred in drought-ridden areas, and plant growth has increased (see link in Resources).

My orgone devices are made using the correct process of organic (Stones & crystals) & in-organic (metals) layers to help protect you from harmful EMF radiation from cell phones, Tv’s lap tops, cell towers etc while still maintaining a beauty to make your orgone device a show piece. Orgone helps to cleanse the mind, body & soul & can even help cleanse the atmosphere by “Cleansing” the positive ions (Which are harmful to humans & cause stress, sickness, headaches, depression etc) & converting them into negative ions (Which are beneficial to humans). So whether it is an orgone pyramid, a necklace, a key chain or even a shungite stone, you are helping protect your self from harmful energies that are everywhere in modern day life.

Thank you & blessings to all .
Chris ( Creator of Orgone pyramids created by Chris).



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