Deep releases of core unfinished stuff – A Life Wave from Katie Gallanti

On Facebook Katie Gallanti sums up the difficulties and frustration along with the leaps in consciousness many are experiencing.  Her words are profound as follows:

I am posting things about difficulties in the journey lately, not because I am an advocate of growth through suffering, but to neutralize what I call new age guilt (i.e. the “feeling bad because not manifesting things being all shiny bright and positive at all times as in the book The Secret” syndrome).

We are all going through a lot of intensity during this window of the path, some of us with Pluto transits even more intensely than others, and its important that we don’t feel “less spiritually accomplished”, just because the path is suddenly bumpy and uber-challenging.

We are actually collectively moving forward, but this current window (Jan to June 2015) has been a particularly steep one, as we are reaching for yet to be explored energetic vistas and there is a lot of weeding and clearing to do. On this stretch of the road, incidentally, it is the ones that are most advanced, and that usually wear the teacher-healer-leader hat, that are struggling the most, as they are doing the energetic heavy lifting, breaking the ice in the uncharted frozen ocean, wading through the yet untamed jungle, to make a path for others to follow.

The path is an energetic one and the wading through is about both grounding the energy in the body and reaching for higher energy zones ahead of the collective, so that they can be pretty much pre-digested for human consumption wink emoticon. New energies have been brought in during the past six months which are potent and high, which however need to be inhabited, adjusted to the human body, test driven and taken for a ride, before distributed en mass to the collective. Seems these energies and the corresponding energy bodies they activate need a lot of adjustments, as they are new energy bodies that have not been worn by humans often before, so much tweaking and tailoring ensues. Dormant DNA is coming online, energy pathways and chakras are upgrading, some are even rewiring their brain.

On a very practical healing level, these energies trigger deep releases of core unfinished stuff, some that we did not even know was still unfinished, because it was buried, in the depths that only great light would highlight and unearth. And some of the deeper releases are the most unconscious ones, material that is buried deep into the psychic shadow, alongside many karmic threads completing at once.

Also, as new energies descend, lives adjust accordingly. If the energetic upgrade is very drastic, whole lives can shift and change. And then the rising in the energy may look temporarily like destruction, much like a building that is being torn down to be rebuilt from its foundation.

Be patient and kind with the self that is evolving and sometimes scared of its own evolution. The lower self does not always understand the higher self’s plan and can get a little freaked out and even resistant, especially if there is too rapid a change occurring on too many levels at the same time. Also be patient and kind with the transformation of others. They may not understand themselves about the track their Soul has chosen and they may not be able to explain why much of who their are and what they need has suddenly changed. As evolved as we are, much is still shrouded by the veil. And how can someone explain to another a process that they themselves do not fully comprehend and grasp.

Trust that all at this time are attempting a journey with tall leaps. Some leap in one bound. Some are scaling buildings so high at least five leaps are required. And some have to jump many times, before they catch the rhythm required to fly.

May you walk in patience, love and beauty

Much love


Thank you beautiful Katie!  Be well.


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