Meg Benedicte: Bridging Our 5D Earth while Patriarchal Matrix is Decomposing

Meg Benedicte: Bridging Our 5D Earth while Patriarchal Matrix is Decomposing 

Here is an important audio that will help lift you above the “patriarchal matrix”. Meg Benedicte is inspirational and aware of what’s going on.  ENJOY!

It is essential that we hold our I AM Presence and a space so humanity can heal and dissolve these dark scripts.


Intro – 10-25-2014

Is it possible to anchor the 5D Earth?  Meg Benedicte thinks so.

After listening to this meditation you may think so too!


Meg Benedicte will set your mind at ease

Here’s a transcript of the Activation, starting at the 6:15 mark:

Welcome the purification.

First go through decomposition of all layers of patriarchy where ever it was running in your family patterns, culture, relationships, mind, heart and body.

Let the crystalline Source light help dissolve, melt, destructure, disperse and decompose it.  Let it just wash out of you. Drop out of you.

Work with the human psyche to let go of any emotional attachments to the past system, the abuse system, the oppressive system.  Let it go.

Standing in the crystal star gate of the Great Central Sun. Release the patriarchal template from our mind, body and heart – from the top of our crown, all the way down to our feet, releasing it into the light infusion. The going away of the web of enslavement. Let it dissolve, burn off, purify yourself.

Peeling away any overlay of the reptilian control matrix that separates our feminine energy from our masculine energy.  Peel away any frequency fence of separation from our energetics.  Burn it up.  It’s not our truth. We command it out.

We’re cleaning and releasing the entire past history of Earth and the matrix of duality and separation.  Let it release.  Pure white light cleansing us.

We’re stepping away from the web of time.  We’re unplugging. We’re stepping into the freedom of the “NOW”, as we work on dissolving the prison of limitation, the blockages of fear.

Dissolve it, melt it into the light – cleaning our energy field of the collapsed energy. Flushing with the Divine Crystalline Source Light.  Become crystalline beings of Source light.  All is being transcended into the light, now.

We now proclaim to the Universe, we are Sovereign beings, reclaiming our sacred space and freedom for all Humanity and Gaia herself.  And in our hearts and minds, we proclaim to the Universe – I AM All That I AM.  I AM All That I AM.

Now we initiate the Scorpio Eclipse and Mercury Direct energy of RENEWAL. We’re liberating ourselves from the past of enslavement, the prison of duality, the matrix of control.

Envision you’re standing on the sidelines of your life.  Just back away. Go to the sidelines of your life.

Pull away from any entanglement, struggle or disconnection. And let that release into the observer and consciousness.  Standing on the sidelines of life.

Visualize that life path, folding into itself and into the Great Central Sun.  We release our 3D life path to go back home to the Divine Source Creator.

Just let it fold in on itself, collapsing and merging into the light.  Thank it and Bless it – for it has supported us up to this moment of Resurrection.  We return it home to the Divine.  Let it release out of your field – the old 3D life path.

And now we’re standing in the open space of Divine Light – embracing that warm light into your heart, into your being.  You’re in complete freedom.  You’re in No Time, All Time.  You’re in the NOW with the Divine.  See yourself free from the old world of separation. FREE, INDEPENDENT, SOVEREIGN. Surrounded with this loving light of Source, the Divine Mother-Father.

Now, comes the Scorpionic energy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of a dying world – Resurrecting into a new reality, into our new full life plan, our 5D life plan.

From our hearts in this very powerful space of zero point energy of pure creation – our hearts are now pulsing alive with the new 5D energy of RENEWAL, REBIRTH, RESURRECTION.  Let the heart fill with these new energies. Let it weave a crystalline cocoon around you which is birthing your souls path and purpose. This is your unified force field, your new home, your sovereign sacred space.

We are becoming Divine Humans. We are RESURRECTING, RE-BIRTHING ourselves. Lets call in the crystal light infusion to encode and ignite new healthy cells, spark alive new healthy bodies and new fulfilling life realities in the 5D Earth.  Spark alive and ignite inside you. Ignite your desire to become Divine Humans. Charge it up.  Ignite it inside your heart. It’s safe to want your hearts desires in the 5D realm.

What does your Soul desire to create in the world?  Spark it alive!  Breath it in.  You’re seeding it right now.  Breath it in and ignite it.  Fire it up.

Breath in the quantum wave of all possibilities and let it flow down your channel, your chakras and into your heart.

This is building in our hearts magnetic field, creating a strong magnetic field.  We are igniting our future now with all possibilities.  Call it in.  Fire it up.

We are becoming our greater selves, Divine Beings. It is in this sacred space of pure creation we can do sacred alchemy with Gaia and Humanity.

So as we are standing in the star gate of zero gravity and zero time let focus our inner mind to purify old world system on Earth with the refining fire of Source – sending a wave of solar light infusion sweeping around the world that burns up hatred and violence, abuse, pain and suffering.

See it purify. See it melt and dissolve into the light. See it cleanse the world and unite humanity into becoming Divine Humans.

We sweep that wave around the planet now. We’re sparking alive the balance of humanity’s yin and yang energy, left and right brain, lower and higher heart.  All coming into unity consciousness, birthing our new 5D Earth in health and harmony. 11 worlds filled with infinite possibilities.

Seed it now. As our hearts are filled with hope and joy and our minds filled with visions of our new Earth, we are seeding our 5D reality of RESURRECTION. And so it is.

Take a moment to connect to your home star family and feel them embrace you in their love. Make a connection.  Bring that connection to overlap and unite with it here within inside you.

Bring back any gifts you want to from the future to the NOW. Bring back all that you need to support your Soul purpose and help humanity bridge to New Earth.  All is being seeded and coming alive inside us.

Now, Archangel Michael and Archangle Metatron appear for your journey home.  They escort you back to Earth, back to the Universe of Form, back to the material world, back to Gaia, at the speed of light. Back to the NOW and into our Body on the Earth plane.

Bring all our gifts back with us. Pull it in down through your chakras, down to your feet. Grounding in the activation, the RESURRECTION and all the healing and all the new coded consciousness – spining into the heart-mind-body now.

Feel your physical body and the room around you.  Bring it all back into the NOW, the body, the heart and into the core.

Coming into Oneness.  As the I AM presence we invoke the Divine Mother-Father to stream the frequency of love into the heart flame of every person on Earth, filling and building the frequencies of love to all life on the planet.  We call forth the Birth of a New Earth.  We set this in motion. And so it is.

~ Meg Benedicte

INCREDIBLE! Thank you Meg. Be Well.


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