A Life Wave – Dancing with Matt

Published 2012 “Trip the Light” (means dance with light footedness) on iTunes.  Wanna dance with Matt in in your town?

When I saw this (thank you Jeanine, for sending it), for the moment my inner dialogue shifted and the effects were a “life wave” (thank you, Judith, for these two wonderful words “life wave”).

It’s the “power of now” of which Eckharte Tolle speaks.  It’s not perverted “positivity” that back fires because it’s superficial and has no inner energetics.   

ENJOY the LIFE WAVE!  Also check out my Joyous Times blog for a boost.  Photos of Sedona, Florida, Hawaii and the Grand Canyon do it for me every time!

How we react to the negative world narrative and personal narrative is our choice and our awareness is our responsibility.

Take your inner awareness/energetics and Shift, Shift, Shift the dark planetary spell for the highest good of All and in accordance with the Universal Principles.

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Understanding and Abundance, Cariel


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