Healing Ancestral Karma

Healing Ancestral Karma

From July 12 to August 20 – It’s never too late to join the Global Sadhana with Ashana

Guru Ram Das MantraGuru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

Language: Gurmukhi

Source: Dream with Guru Ram Das Ji

Author: Yogi Bhajan

Translation: Guru – teacher or guide that brings one from the darkness to the light.
Wahe – exclamation of ecstacy like ”WOW!”
Ram Das – literally translates as “God’s Servant”,
but also refers to Guru Ram Das, the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs

More Information: This mantra was given to Yogi Bhajan by Guru Ram Das in His astral self. As Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs, was known for humility and healing abilities this mantra is also known for its healing qualities and for imparting humility to the one who chants it.

This mantra relates directly to healing and protective energy represented by Guru Ram Das. The mantra is comprised of two parts. The first part is a nirgun mantra (Guru Guru Wahe Guru). This projects the mind to the source of knowledge and ecstasy. The second part is a sirgun mantra (Guru Ram Das Guru). This means the wisdom that comes as a servant of the infinite. It is the mantra of humility. It reconnects the experience of the finite to infinity.

Sit in easy pose. Place your right hand at your heart center on your chest, palm against the chest. Place your left hand on your back also at your heart center, palm facing outside. Chant the Guru Ram Das Mantra.

11 to 31 Minutes (We will do 11 minutes for the Global Sadhana. You can do more as you wish.)

Close your eyes This is a meditation of deep healing. It is also a meditation to bless the ancestors and heal your lineage.

Thank you Ashana.  www.spiritvoyage.com/globalsadhana/ances­tralkarma

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