Solar System

Is this a Super Giant or Super Zygote or What?

 This video starts with Beano Black showing comet Lovejoy in 2011 and ends with him showing a “super giant” which NASA isn’t talking about – GO TO 12:36.

I did my own research and sure enough here’s the photo I took:

secchi-B HI-1a

 What is it?

I tracked this throughout 2011 and on March 1, it was visible and then disappeared.  It’s visible again on December 15.

It appears to be behind the noise and clearly is moving towards the Sun and on the 31st you can see it disappears into the Sun and there’s a massive flare.

Do your own research!  And let me know what you think.

It’s easily available for all to see at – enter date 20111223 – choose telescope HI1, observatory B.

secchi-B HI-1b


Then in 2012 this video by Beano Black appears and he shows another “super giant” – 12-20-2012.  This time going away from the Sun.

Thank you, Beano Black.  Be well.

 Here’s the photo I took at  Observatory A, this time.

secchi-A HI-1a12-20-2012

How many think this looks like the beginning of a zygote?

Do your own research!  And let me know what you think.

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Abundance and Understanding, Cariel


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