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How Many Whistle Blowers Does it Take to Expose the Secret Space Program?

Richard Dolan, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, William Cooper, Colonel Steve Wilson

For years Richard Dolan has alluded to the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization.

The granddaughter of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower has been speaking out – Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET invasion has already occurred…

Long ago, in 1989, William Cooper, a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer, revealed in his book, Behold a Pale Horse (and lectures), that the U.S had first landed on Mars on May 22, 1962.
Cooper said, by the time the U.S./NASA public space program landed on the moon in 1969, the U.S. already had a moon base there, since the mid-1950s.
Cooper was killed by police in 2001.
Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF was called The Man Who “Outed” the U.S. Saucer Program (in 1997) by Dr. Richard Boylan.
Colonel Steve Wilson’s credentials are listed on Dr. Boylan’s website. He praises him as a “courageous soldier-patriot” and dedicates a short biography in his memory.  
Colonel Steve Wilson, former director of Project Pounce wrote revelations concerning MJ-12 (aka Majic) which allegedly is a group of Military, Scientists, elites, etc., organized by President Truman to “Manage and Oversee” the entire UFO subject.
Colonel Wilson died shortly after these revelations, Colonel Wilson’s revelations in 1997


Who remembers these 2 movies?

Universal Soldier in 1992 or Soldier in 1998, with Kurt Russell.  

In 1947, President Truman created the National Security Counsel, the CIA, the Department of Defense and Ultra Top Secret MJ-12 called the “Committee” and it appears the Secret Space Program was Born

President Truman on September 24, 1947 established MJ-12, an ultra top secret Research and Development, Intelligence Operation, called the “Committee”. 

President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 to reorganize the military and create the National Security Counsel (NSC) and the CIA and the Amendment of 1949 created the Department of Defense.

In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the Secret Executive Order, “Order Number 54-12″ which set up the “Committee” inside the NSC.

The NSC called this group the “54-12″ committee which gave President Eisenhower responsibility of approving all “Black” covert projects.

However, Eisenhower lost control of the elite “Committee”. Henry Kissinger Speaking to Senate

This committee has undergone several changes over the years, and since then, has been called the “Special Committee”; the “303 Committee” and currently the “40 Committee”.

It is described as the “Directorate” of the NSC. The “40 Committee” (PI-40) has access to advanced technology and teams to cover-up, “the cover-ups”.

In the past, this committee was headed by Dr. Henry Kissenger (Code name: “The Overseer”).

Read Truman’s letter authorizing creation of Majestic 12

Read Col Steve Wilson 1997 Revelations

Read Richard Dolan, UFO’s and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973 (Hampton Roads, 2002) 1-3. (refer to Occutled Space Program and Breakaway Civilization)

Dick Cheney connected to Mars Colony?Bush-Cheney

Richard B. Cheney started in the Nixon and Ford White House (1969-77), became Secretary of Defense to George H.W. Bush ( 1989 to 1993) and eventually became Vice-President during the George W. Bush administration (2001-2009).

In the latest unfolding of the Mar’s drama meme – it is now rumored that Cheney ran the secret Mars Colony Corporation which the US Mars Defense Force was deployed on Mars to defend (refer to Mars Colony below).

I dislike Cheney as much as everybody else, but, where’s the proof?  Question Everything!

Reminder – Protect yourself  with violet flame because this information is “severe”.

The Montauk Project, Time Travel, Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow 

The Montauk Project is believed to be an extension or continuation of the Philadelphia Experiment, which supposedly took place in 1943, also known as Project Rainbow.  The Montauk Project allegedly was located at Camp Hero at the Montauk base on Long Island.  The project was forced to go underground in the late 1960s.  It closed abruptly in 1983. 

For a most in-depth compilation of interviews with survivors Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow go to http://www.bielek.com/index.htm 

Preston Nichols worked with Al Bielek on the psychic aspects of the Montauk Chair and the Montauk Boys program.  Preston trained the Montauk Boys to be “PSI Warriors” involved in time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret projects. 

The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person’s thoughts.  A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a group of coils pick the emanations.  A bank of radio receivers designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning thought into computer code.  The radar tower was used to turn thought into reality. This chair was used for many purposes.  One was to open up a vortex for time travel.  Contact was made with alien extraterrestrials through the Time Tunnel and advanced kinds of “etheric technology” was exchanged. 

Many Montauk boys were lost during the initial testing of the time vortex.

Montauk subjects were given many sessions of mind control.  Essentially, they had their memories wiped by Montauk technology.  In many cases, false memories were implanted to cover up their real activities.  But as we learn from Al, their technologies were not perfect.  Over time, the memories slowly returned. 

Stewart Swerdlow claims he spent 13 years in the Montauk Project, 1970-1983, and as a result, he says, his “psionic” faculties were boosted, but at the cost of emotional instability, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues. He describes the Montauk Chair as being “alien designed”, in which an individual could sit to boost his mental and precipatory powers. A prototype duplicate was given to England and put in a facility on the Thames River.

1968 Duncan Cameron became one of the principal psychics who manned the Montauk Chair.  The chair was used to create and hold the frequency required to perform the time travel and mind control activities. 

The Montauk program was brought to an abrupt halt when Duncan, manning the chair, invoked “Jr.”. A Bigfoot monster took form and proceed to wreck the base.

Duncan, as well as Swerdlow, allegedly were both Montauk Boys programmers.  This part of the program still deeply troubles both of them.

Gary McKinnon and Naval Space Command

Then between February 2001 and March 2002, Gary McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, “hacked” a so called “secure” NASA computer network. As luck would have it, he accessed a series of computers in the Pentagon, NASA, and other sensitive military locations. Seeking information on UFOs, he says he found files dealing with the “U.S. Space Command” (incorporated into Strategic Command on October 1, 2002). He found a “list of officers” names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial Officers”. Gary said:
What I think it means is not Earth-based. I found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.

McKinnon had found evidence of the highly compartmentalized program“, under the military code word ‘Solar Warden’ – a highly classified secret fleet that operates in outer space, using anti-gravity technology. It is said that there are (approx.) eight cigar-shaped craft (each longer than two football fields end-to-end) and 43 small ‘scout ships’. The “Solar Warden Space Fleet” operates under the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command’s Space Operations Division (SNWSC-SO) [formerly Naval Space Command] headquartered on the Atlantic coast. There are approximately 300 personnel involved at that facility, with the figure rising.

In October 2012 the Home Secretary decided that McKinnon would not be extradited, and in December 2012 the Crown Prosecution Service announced that McKinnon would not be charged with any crimes.  Bizarre twist – McKinnon may be an MK Ultra mind control subject of the U.K.!

Dan Burisch worked with Alien at Area 51

In 2004, Dan Burisch (pseudonym of Dan Crain) claimed to have worked on cloning alien viruses at Area 51, also alongside the alien named “J-Rod”. Dan Burisch is a microbiologist who received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York, Stonybrook, in 1989.  Read his story.

Andrew D. Basagio and Arthur Neumann worked with Aliens on Mars

In 2009 Andrew D. Basagio came forward and in 2007 Arthur Neumann came forward, both claim they were part of experiments that placed them on Mars working with extraterrestrial beings.
In 1968, Andrew D. Basiago was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus. Mars Jumproom Program – he contends that the US government has secret teleportation technology that would revolutionize transportation across the face of our planet. 
Arthur Neumann, AKA Henry Deacon, was a highly-placed Lawrence Livermore Labs physicist who confirmed an alternative space program which began soon after World War II.  He confirmed the American presence on Mars, time travel, Montauk Mars Jumproom Program, the availability of free-energy devices, agenda to radically reduce the world’s population, Bill Deagle’s information on Electronic Cage  and numerous other matters – like, the Department of Homeland Security (apparently the name bears little relation to its function) had been established partially as a co-ordinating organization for at least some of these groups (many of them intel) after other attempts to facilitate the groups working together to share project information had failed.
He worked on more than one base on Mars – Mars Colony (old, multifunctional, the largest of several on the planet, almost completely underground, and occupied by many diverse groups). The terraforming of Mars has begun. The means of transport is instantaneous, involving something called The Corridor.  A problem the Lab encountered is that time is not fixed in a ‘linear’ progression and the Corridor may well take you to a job you’re working that is within an entirely different era of time than our current time — either the past or the future.  
We’ve opened Pandora’s Box, starting with the Manhattan Project, and we haven’t yet found a way to deal with the consequences. [Montauk Project] That caused a huge problem, and generated a… created a 40-year loop. That was a real mess. They created a time split we’re still unable to mend. Now, understand this also relates to Project Rainbow, the Stargates… they were also working on that there…
The situation with time loops is that there are a large number of parallel timelines, lots of branches. There are no paradoxes. [draws a diagram] If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, that’s the grandfather paradox everyone talks about, there’s no paradox. When you go back and change the past, it creates a different timeline, which is a new branch of the original one. On that timeline, you’d not be born and wouldn’t exist, so that aspect of the paradox is true. Do you see? But on this timeline, which you’re on here and now, you do exist, and continue to do so. There’s no paradox. It’s simple… do you see? You’re dealing with different branches of a kind of time tree. No principles get violated. All future events are possibilities, not certainties. That’s kind of pretty important, an important… distinction. That’s really all I can say about that.
Alpha Centauri has a solar system very much like ours, but it’s older. The planets are in stable orbits. There are three inhabited planets, the second, third and fourth. No, wait, the fifth, I think. Second, third and fifth… It’s comparatively easy to get there, less than five light years away, and that’s, you know, it’s right next door to us. The… people… there are very human-like. They’re not Grays, they’re like us. The human form is very common in the universe…currently at least 40 differing groups of “alien” visitors, from different places or times, and with many different agendas.
I was working there [Fort Ord] back in the early 70s, when I was in the military, and I was working under CDCEC, which is Combat Developments Command Experimentation Command. You can go look that up. Well, one day something happened while we were testing. A disk came into the area and it was hovering, it hovered right directly in front of us, out in a field. So [pause] we shot the ****ing thing down. We should never have done it. It wasn’t me personally, but the group did. Between us we had all this gizmo weaponry and I guess they panicked and thought they were in a movie or something. The disk was disabled and it was captured, and so were the occupants, and I saw these very briefly. They were small child-like humanoids, with no hair. And they had small eyes, not large almond-shaped eyes. I don’t think anyone knows about this. As far as I know it’s not on the internet… Most of the other witnesses ended up in Vietnam and many were killed. I may be the only living witness to what happened… I don’t know.  The rest of the story is in a sci-fi movie called Wavelength, which was released in the early ’80s.  The beginning of the film just completely clearly and accurately describes the incident, and the film is very close to the rest of the story, including the use of an abandoned Nike base (Jolon, CA) in Southern California to store them. The person who wrote it must have been there, or knew someone who was there.  Read more

Charles Hall worked with Tall Whites

Then there was Charles Hall’s books (Millennial Hospitality, 2002) reporting his experiences as an airman-weather observer in the USAF at Nellis AFB in Nevada from 1965 to 1967, and his alleged dealings with “Tall White” extraterrestrials who reportedly had a base (with their families) there in a large area of desert, Indian Springs AF Auxiliary Field (now Creech AFB), sealed off by the US Government.  The Honorable Paul Hellyer talks about his case.  

Reminder – Protect yourself  with violet flame  because this information is “severe”.

The Battle at Dulce Stopped a Horrific Alien Breeding Program Using Thousands of Young Women

There’s Dulce, New Mexico, where an alleged battle with aliens took place at an underground base, in 1979. The Dulce underground secret base is purportedly under Mt. Archuleta near Dulce, New Mexico.  

This is supposedly the largest Reptilian and Grey base in America (known as the “pleasure center” of the Quadrant where over 34,000 young women were imprisoned) where there are allegedly atomic manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio human chip implantation, abduction, gang rapping and feeding off of humans. Corrupt humans and aliens work together on horrific bio genetic experiments.

It was here that a horrific battle played out,  in 1979.  Green Berets and Special Forces caught wind of the horrific situation and deployed a rescue party led by Captain Mark Richards (refer below). They rescued thousand of women, but, due to the alien counter attack, they were left no choice but to blow the base killing countless trapped victims and their subterranean alien captors.   Read Mark Richard’s chilling account The Battle of Dulce and see video below.

The Huffington Post reports, “Philip Schneider, an explosive engineer who worked for the U.S. government, with high-level security clearance, claimed he participated in the building of a “secret underground base,” in Dulce, New Mexico. Schneider came face-t0-face with a 7-foot tall, stinky, gray alien, freaked out and shot and killed two aliens. Another alien shot some laser-plasma ball or whatever at him and blew off some of his fingers. He was saved by a Green Beret who allegedly gave his life for him. In all, 60 human-people allegedly lost their lives that day at the “Alien-Human Battle of Dulce”…  Schneider became an outspoken advocate calling for the government to be more transparent about their knowledge of alien life.”  He lost his life due to what appeared to be a military-style execution in January 1996. 

In UFO Highway, 2011, author and researcher Anthony F. Sanchez, talks about numerous secret underground bases, the Maglev rail lines that connect them, ET technology, anatomical mutilation, the Illuminati, HAARP, and more — all corroborated, he says, by his interviews with a mysterious “Colonel X” who worked at Dulce.

 It’s a good idea to always protect yourself with violet flame when reading about Underground Bases, Mars Bases and Super Soldiers

Super Soldiers Duncan O’Finioan,  James Casbolt, and Barry King

Some Super Soldiers have also come forward. Duncan O’Finioan came forward in 2006.  He was the “Ultimate Warrior”… brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In this video 
at AboveTopSecret, James Casbolt talks about Project Mannequin (which creates Manchurian Candidates and super soldiers), MiLab experiments and Barry King who was in UK’s  “super soldier” programs of the 1960s.  

James Casbolt started speaking out in 2007.  He is a former super soldier, MI6 agent who worked in ‘Black ops’ drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999.  He says, there are underground bases all over England, ie. Wiltshire.  He reported, the Tomorrow People project is under Westminster.  He says this information is openly available (now a TV series, Tomorrow People).  He says, this “information” could be a way of desensitizing people or NSA is just arrogantly flaunting the truth.  How about both?   Also in the video, 
Matt Todd who is a skilled remote viewer and underground base researcher, talks about pot smokers/drug users who are used as robots, their etheric bodies can be mind controlled, as etheric assassins who can move fast.

Two New Whistle Blowers: retired Captain Mark Richards and retired Captain Randy A. Cramer

Now two new whistle blowers have come forward to spill the beans on the Secret Space Program, retired Captain Mark Richards and retired Captain Randy A. Cramer (calls himself Captain Kaye).  

Is Marvel’s Comics writing their material?  Is this disinformation to try to hide the real Secret Space Program?  Or are they telling the truth?  You be the judge.  

Several Notes:

Captain Cramer was first interviewed in 2006 and then in 2014 by Eve Lorgen.   Cramer says on his website, this secret program is “at the heart of our social and economic symptoms of distress.  These two things are intimately attached and one cannot be solved without the other.”  Almost exactly what I have said. 

He admits his story could easily be seen as delusional; full of holes and vague memories.  

Near the end of the show (audio below), he named two officers who gave him permission to tell his story.  I had no luck finding Brigadier General Julian Smythe on the internet.  There was a Brigadier General Julian Smyth who died on November 5, 1975.  

If his commanding officer is Astronaut Colonel John Jameson, than he is drawn from Marvel’s comic strip, Spider-Man. Then there’s Marvel’s Halo Stories/Games (2006), Captain Keyes, and map of Mars 2170 with Aries Prime, below?  Then there’s Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy.  

It’s hard to separate the facts from the fiction!  Counterintelligence’s job is to CONFUSE!

Keep your options open.

mars in future

July 2014, In these 2 audios, Dr DREAM and Laura Eisenhower interview Randy A. Cramer 

Part 1 – Randy A. Cramer calls himself Captain Kaye

Part 2 – Randy A. Cramer calls himself Captain Kaye


Published on Oct 4, 2014 – RECORDED LIVE ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 3, 2014

PROJECT CAMELOT: “This man is a Marine super soldier who claims to have spent 17 years in the Secret Space Program as part of the EARTH DEFENSE FORCE based on Mars and the Moon.”

He was a part of Project Moonshadow and was recruited by the Mars Defense Force from a covert branch of the U.S. Marine Corps called “Special Section”, set up by President Eisenhower as a unit that would uphold moral ethics and keep things in check in regards to the activity of MJ-12.

His story, information and accounts gives us insight into things that other Whistleblowers have been speaking about in relation to Alternative 3 and the establishment of bases on Mars.  He has experiences that take us into an in depth understanding of ET races that are interacting with Earth, hidden agendas that are affecting the whole of humanity and information about off-planet military activity that has been kept secret and that he is now sharing with us.

Once in Project Mannequin, “super soldier” Cramer says he was selected to go to Mars.  

He  says that there are five human colonies on Mars run by the Mars Colony Corporation with some 1,000 personnel on and he has spent 17 years fighting to protect them. 

Serving in a space fleet known as the Earth Defense Force – that recruited military personnel from countries like America, Russia and China – the one-time ex-naval infantryman was trainee to fly a variety of bombers and Star Wars-style space fighters. 

His spacecraft training apparently took place on the MOON, as well as on Saturn’s moon Titan and even in deep space.  

His retirement ceremony after 20 years of service also took place on the moon, with guests including ex US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield.

According to Cramer, there are several reptilian groups in our solar system; the ones from Draco, the group on Mars, the group on Earth, and more. In the Mars Defense Force, he did battle with two Martian indigenous life forms– one reptilian, one insectoid.  

“Reptoids used to have global domination plans and beyond” but since their world was destroyed “they no longer have any ambitions outside their own planet”. 

He describes the trauma of being close to death after battle and being put back together many times. The technology used could replace his whole body and depending on what parts needed replacement, often took days to accomplish.

mars April 2014a

Mars Colony, Gale Crater – upper left hand corner structures

Dr. Michael Salla who also interviewed Cramer, believes the photo above (April 9, 2014 NASA Source  Photo) shows structures that are at the high point of the Gale Crater– strategic positioning for an outlook, and appear to be artificial compared to the surrounding terrain.  

Cramer described the atmosphere on Mars is breathable, and the temperature there could be warm at times. He says, Aries Prime is the main human “headquarters” on Mars, and is located inside of a crater.  

Is Randy A. Cramer telling the truth?  On his website he says:

It is my goal to help clear away confusion by bringing my specially qualified credentials to the table.  I am till the day I die, a captain of the United States Marine Corps, special section.

USMC s.s. is a covert Unacknowledged Special Access Program (or USAP) signed into law as a legal and covert branch of the US military in 1953 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

USMC s.s. was mandated by President Eisenhower through the USMC s.s. special code to meet the exopolitical questions of EBE’s, (Extra Terrestrial Biological entities) and ETV’s (Extra Terrestrial Vehicles); to assist in assessing diplomatic opportunities  and military threats  and advise the MJ-12 committee and special study groups (SSG’s) with intelligence from a fully staffed and operational military intelligence machine, and respond to their requests for specially trained military assistance in all matters extra terrestrial.

When I agreed to speak publicly, my security clearance was raised to a Blue/Gold-13, which has granted me full access to USMC s.s. intelligence files, and weekly briefings by Brigadier General Julian Smythe, personally.

My knowledge is extensive, and I continue to learn and grasp the situation in a way that only can be seen from the internal machinations. Coupled with 20 years of  experience from a  very hands on military career makes me one of the most knowledgeable USMC s.s. officers, and as yet, the only one whom to be given the direct authority through his chain of command to make that knowledge available to the public and civilian government.

Since the USMC s.s command considers the weakening of our economy and the divisive political infighting as direct threats to national security, they have asked me to step forward and have encouraged me to offer my consulting services to assist my countrymen and the globe to make adjustments for better future technologies as well as restore legal and executive authority over ALL covert programs or risk further weakening of the US economy and social structure to devastating  effect, as USMC s.s. national security assessments and projections show.

Since it is the counter intelligence programs to keep secrecy that are at the heart of our social and economic symptoms of distress.

These two things are intimately attached and one cannot be solved without the other.

Well, this sounds sincere.  

It’s crazy enough to be true!  It’s hard to separate the facts from the fiction and maybe this is why Cramer is allowed to speak up now!   Plausible deniability.

Keep your options open.

Do your own research and if you can shed some light on this, please let me know.  

November 2013

Captain Mark Richards was interviewed by Kerry Cassidy.

Kerry recaps the interview in this video.

Captain Richards says he can speak out without fear, because the NWO thinks no one will believe him because he is currently in prison (since 1982) for a crime he did not commit. He talked about his work with the secret US space command and described our current level of technology and the ET connection between governments around the world and the military. Read his chilling account The Battle of Dulce. 

He says, Secret Space Program is RUN PRIMARILY BY US & RUSSIA along with UK & FRANCE.   

He says, Raptors are closest to USAF and Russians are more aligned with Reptoids. 

He said Humans have some protection, but, there are RAIDING PARTIES in which humans are abducted permanently off Earth and have many uses to visiting races…


  2. ALLIES 

He was involved with at least 4 missions in which he was ordered to fight an alien threat – he describes the aliens – 2 in space and 2 on Earth. One group has bought (with dark energy which is highly prized and used to fuel spaceships – NASA’s info. on dark energy) an underground base in Australia where it resides and is friendly towards Earthlings.  Another group bought in Africa and is not friendly towards Earthlings but values colored diamonds.  

In an earlier interview he revealed an underground base at Dulce, New Mexico, where young women and children were brutalized by REPS AND GRAYS. Read his chilling account The Battle of Dulce 

All of this is alarming, to say the least!  Is Mark Richards telling the truth? Once again, it’s “crazy” enough to be “true” and it would explain why the Occulted Government is keeping it secret.  But, is this “Psy Ops disinformation”?  What do you think?  

Richards is the son of career Air Force major who was a pilot and involved with military intelligence. Richards served in the Army and fought in Vietnam; multiple degrees in history, political science, and physics; served in AF Special Forces; has several military medals; his & his father’s names are on the National Aviation & Space Exploration Wall of Honor.

Dick Cheney & Mars Colony Corporation???

Alfred Webre interviewed Randy Cramer along with Simon Parkes on January 12, 2015.

According to Alfred Webre, this Roundtable revealed that Richard B. Cheney (in the government from 1969-2009) ran the Mars Colony Corporation which the US Mars Defense Force was deployed on Mars to defend.

The Mars Colony Corporation is a centerpiece of the Breakaway Civilization, the so-called military-industrial-intelligence-manipulative ET complex is using Earth as platform to colonize the solar system and is committed to Matrix rule on Earth.

Alfred points out the implications are staggering and compounds Cheney’s war crimes.

I’m sorry Alfred, but we need proof?  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Is this a smoke screening?

Earth Humans are to be Exterminated and Replaced with Elite Mars Colony Humans

Alfred continues, Capt. Randy Cramer previously stated that unless the green, advanced technologies now sequestered by the Breakaway civilization are released for Earth’s public good, the Breakaway civilization intends to eliminate Earth’s current surface-dwelling humans and replace them with humans that are now part of a secret Mars colony selected for its preferred gene pool and elite status.

What can I say?  Such a Mar’s Drama meme!

Ascension Timeline of the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation.

We all asked to come to Earth during these amazing times.  And it has been an honor to be here, clearing old stuff, becoming responsible and preparing for a new, self -determined, life enhancing and fulfilling human experience ahead. The SOUL AWAKENING that is occurring on the planet surpasses anything imaginable and the malevolent forces preventing the human organic ascension process no longer exist on the current Ascension Timeline.

In accordance with the Universal Principles and for the highest good of All and as the “I AM presence”, many of Earth’s humans choose the Ascension process and successfully enter the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation. Reveal, reveal, reveal. Watch and feel the vibrational SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT to the higher frequencies of awareness, love and light. Experience, Experience, Experience, the higher frequencies of awareness, love and light and galactic highways opening up to help Earth’s humans in their Ascension process and humanity is at a crossroads as described in the  Magnificent Universal Human Consciousness.


Sending Healing, Wisdom, and Understanding






8 thoughts on “How Many Whistle Blowers Does it Take to Expose the Secret Space Program?

  1. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I’m very glad to see such magnificent information being shared freely out there.


  2. i saw an alien orb in 1996…and as a christian…i disagree with the above poster.
    it was a peaceful encounter.
    two other people saw it that night.
    if anything…it has strengthened my faith in god.
    do not give in to fear.


  3. well i believe it. I’m a christian and ive accepted it but only from a spiritual level. I know aliens are only demons. I’ve done research on this stuff. The NWO wants us to blow it off, they intend to take over the world one day with these demons. When i first found out that aliens told people that jesus was either an alien or was not real, and that GOD was not real and that aliens created humans, to me, as a christian, it was a red flag to know it was demonic. I only research this stuff to stay ahead of the game. As christians, we have to be vigilant and on top of things like this. If we don’t, whenever it comes knocking at our door, we will accept it like most Christians who fall for it and lose their faith in God. Look what happened to Ms Betty Lucas Anderson, she was a Christian who was abducted by aliens and now her whole belief system is gone. She communicates with these demons. None are friendly. They are all satanic and demonic as far as I’m concerned.


  4. project camelot / Avalon Create and change stories of some who they interview. even Their Henry story and transcripts went will full disapproval of Arthur who has stated that the so-called transcripts were fabricated by Bill and Kerry. Camelot refused to remove the transcripts from their website despite repeated requests to do so. Why? Camelot has an Agenda. That agenda is obviously not to “get the truth out”.


    • Thanks for your input. Are you saying Mark Richard’s story is false? Simon Parkes has asserted that it’s Mark’s story.
      I’m assuming the Henry story you’re talking about is Henry Deacon. Is that correct? What part of that story is fabricated?


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