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NASA says these are “comets” approaching the Sun. Really?

In this video Physicist Nassim Haramein talks about NASA photos/video on comets approaching the Sun and he asks where are their tails and why are they moving so strangely? 

Haramein says the Sun spots are like an opening for these planet size ships to go into the Sun (Stargate/black-hole) on to the “Hub” and it’s destination, like volcanoes you’d find on Earth.

I felt it’s important to include Haramein’s hour long lecture, below.  ENJOY!

Part 1

Part 2

 Part 3 – Here Haramein shows a comet almost twice the size of Jupiter, was this Planet X?

In 2003, this comet, which Haramein believes was Planet X, should have disrupted our solar system due to its mass and gravitational pull.  Not in the NEWS because the scientists and astronomers “thought we were toast”!

Mercury should have been pulled into the sun while earth should have experienced tidal waves all over the planet.

The comet (he says you can see the comet’s tail from the sun back to Earth) was on track to hit the sun, but a huge sun flare emission veered the comet off course, as it traveled past the sun and out of our solar system.

The comet was visible from the west coast in the early morning in February 2003. Two comets have gone by inside the orbit of Mercury into the sun.  Within a few days, Planet X/comet was out of our solar system. With a “comet” of this size, the gravitational force was enormous.

Considering the mass and gravitational pull of this object, he says:

“We shouldn’t be here. We were given a second chance. We’re floating in grace and ‘somebody’ is taking care of us.”

He shows the sun is pulsing, almost doubling it’s radiation!

Part 4 Haramein talks about the aurora borealis on other planets, as well as, Earth.  He wonders if Jupiter is going to ignite into a second Sun, as some myths predict.

Part 5  Haramein closes with DO YOUR MISSION!

After watching this lecture, I believe the Sun is sending us energy to DO OUR MISSIONS!

Thank you Nassim Haramein!

Starships Near the Sun

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Understanding and Abundance,  Cariel


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