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Larry King Show on UFOs

CNN Larry King Live – UFOs: Are They for Real?

Aired November 9, 2007  – Britain released top-secret documents and photos relating to ‘flying saucer’ sightings in the 1970’s and 80’s.   The first 3o minutes are good.  The last 14 minutes are devoted to a “debunker” who couldn’t care less about the “truth”.  Debunk at all cost.  Leslie Kean, author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record she says (in the video below) we want “skeptics” who want to get at the truth.  We want a serious scientific investigation!


ET Disclosure – News Media – Attitudes and Coverage Complete 

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2011

Essay dealing with Extraterrestrials and the News Media.
This serious but sometimes satirical essay takes a look at the media’s attitudes toward the Extraterrestrial Presence and its place in our world.
Included are many major news networks and the attempts made at approaching this subject which is unquestionably the greatest issue for all mankind and for all mankind’s existance.
Look for Glenn Beck, Anderson Cooper, Dylan Ratigan, Fox News, CNN, RT News, MSNBC and much more.
Included are the “all-star” players of ufology, including: Stan Friedman, Richard Dolan, James Fox, Nick Pope, Leslie Kean, Bob Jacobs, Robert Salas, Robert Hastings and many more.

Propaganda in our national media dismisses and ridicules UFO researchers and truth tellers on a regular basis.

For example, like clock work, a recent Washington Post article debunked UFOs and implied that “belief in UFOs is suggestive of a psychological problem”.

Richard Dolan is a topnotch researcher and historian, author of “UFOs & the National Security State, Vols I & II”.  According to Dolan, a recent Washington Post article on UFOs is a “failure of true investigation”. He says:

 [UFOs are]…something that the publication has never, ever bothered to do the slightest bit of real investigation about.  There are many topics on which such mainstream, plugged-in, national security/corporate publications like the Post fail to deliver the goods. But the UFO topic is a bell-weather. While this discrepancy exists, while the Post wastes everyone’s time with infantile explanations, it destroys its credibility among serious individuals who know better.
Dolan says that anyone can easily find on the Web declassified documents that:
…show a long history of concern by senior U.S. officials about airspace violations by [UFOs]…Never mind the fact that a few senior officials have indeed gone on the record to discuss this reality. Never mind the fact that any researcher who has looked into this long enough finds even more senior officials who are willing to talk, but only off the record. They know full well this is a matter of national security and concern.

“My Favourite clip from the UFO Disclosure Project”

List of Countries That Have Disclosed Alien and UFO Documents – Last Updated August, 2013 – From Educating Humanity

1.   Argentina
2.   Australia
3.   Brazil
4.   Canada

5.   Chile
6.   China
7.   Denmark
8.   Finland
9.   France

10. Germany
11. India
12. Ireland
13. Japan
14. Mexico
15. New Zealand (Additional Report)
16. Peru
17. Russia
18. Spain
19. Sweden
20. Ukraine (not in English)
21. United Nations
22. United Kingdom
23. Uruguay
24. Vatican City

Shift the Energies

The dark forces and the negative spell of energy which they cast around Earth no longer exist on the current Ascension Timeline.  Ask that this Ascension Timeline and the planet of Ascension, called Earth, be Revealed, Revealed, Revealed.

In accordance with the Universal Principles and for the highest good of All and as the “I AM presence”, Experience, Experience, Experience, the planet of Ascension, Earth, of higher frequencies of love and light existing in the FREE human zone of the New Worlds Universal Federation where galactic highways have opened up to include an enlightened humanity and humanity’s sacredness is honored as humanity enters the Golden Age of the Universal Human Family.

SHIFT, SHIFT, SHIFT into the Golden Age of the Universal Human Family and New Worlds Universal Federation. Watch and feel the vibrational SHIFT to the higher frequencies of love and light.

Sending Healing, Wisdom, and Understanding



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