Katie Gallanti: Real Success = High Self Esteem during Scarcity

Katie Gallanti: Real Success = High Self Esteem during Scarcity

This is a must see video.  Roger Sylver interviews Katie Gallanti who shares her great wisdom.

Here is a synopsis:

Katie, says, the dark is in charge right now but we can make an evolutionary leap.  Many have come to do a job – to go to the next vibration level and shake off the dark force that has been here (in the whole solar system) for thousands of years.

The energy can go to the next level, either to the dark or to the light.   We’re in the doorway. It’s a 26,000 year cycle.   The door is opening.  It’s the phase shift point, called the “node”. We’re in this “nodal point” before humanity’s mass consciousness goes to a different “timeline”.

There are collective and individual consciousness streams.  The volunteers from higher consciousness streams are here to pull up enough people high enough in consciousness to make the shift.  

Katie talks about the last time we tried the shift, but failed, during Atlantis.

[How many have been experiencing a deja vu?] Katie says, we’re at the shift point again.  Many of the same players are here, both light and dark.  We have reinforcements this time.  The darkness could spread Galactically this time – so we have Gallactic help to make sure we finish the job successfully.  This “job” has been going on for many cycles.  

She says the dark forces are trying to create a super controlled satanic cult by spreading dark music and movies, etc.  This Matrix resembles a dark version of the “Truman Show” – a big lie which is not serving people.

The dark forces want to destroy the U.S.

Katie says, the dark forces want to destroy the U.S. and make it the dark model for the rest of the world.  They are brain washing people so they want their slavery, training U.S. to think in terms of competition, survival of fittest, me against you, killing their spirit/Soul.  Transhumanism is part of the dark force agenda. Chemtrails (nano-particles) are part of making the human machine, also.  Once you’re networked you can be hacked.  The Soul needs to circulate the light.  The dark is trying to stop the Soul.  The  vaccines don’t just dumb the child down, but turns them off.

The good news is we’re still on the Node – need Discernment

Katie says, the good news is we’re still on the node.  We are already in the EVENT. It’s happening now – the battle for the consciousness streams which translates into a battle for the timeline.  We’re not done yet.  We’ll know when we’re done – maybe 20-25 years more?

Some people were falling down on the job and needed to wake up.  Some of the New Age “distorted” beliefs shut people down.  They can take up their missions, now, because they are seeing things differently.

We’re exposing the dark agenda.  This has been taking longer than we thought it would.  But, we’re actually in a tie.  On the nodal point, reality is very fluid.  One day dark is in charge, the next day the light is in charge.  It’s really, really close.  It’s because we’re dealing with a multidimensional universe, many different levels, higher and lower.

FYI – the “disinformation program” is calling all other dimensional beings, “dark”.   What you need is discernment.  Many other dimensional beings are supporting the work that is necessary to make the positive change.

This is a big initiation, which many are going through right now.

According to Katie, during these intense times the dark control system is creating artificial scarcity, to reduce self-esteem and to try to steal your Soul.  This is a big initiation, which many are going through right now. It’s  is a group project which can help humanity go to the next level.

Katie shares how to go beyond the Matrix and instead create High Self Esteem.

Katie shares how to go beyond the Matrix and instead create High Self Esteem. She says that there is abundance.  It’s a dial shift.  You can be free!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to have faith in your own spiritual entourage and connect to higher consciousness streams to create whatever is required.

“Once the “front-line” has succeeded in the “face off” with the dark force and laid the higher foundation – then we’ll have the seeding, rebuilding stage – bringing in the new thought forms. ” ~ Katie Gallanti

Thank you Katie (Katie Cosmicessence) and Roger.  Be Well.

Your mission is calling!


Essentials from all of Katie’s interviews on Heartlink Life Radio

Cariel interviews Katie Gallanti – This is Part 1 and below is Part 2

The following was discussed: Light/Dark initiation, Cabal, collective, abuse syndrome, deception, spiritual dark force, Madonna Super Bowl, dark ritual, invoking perverted goddess, siphoning energy, programming, manipulation, false light, manifesting ritual, dismantle dark ritual, galactic cyclical leap, Hero’s Journey, empowerment, intervention tools, Enlightened Activism, Earth grid, dismantle dark grid, power spots, light metaphysicians “clean it up”.

Cariel interviews Katie Gallanti – This is Part 2

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Understanding and Abundance, Cariel


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  1. Is there a link somewhere to the article you are referencing. I didn’t see it anywhere and clicking on the picture doesn’t go anywhere, and I can’t read the lettering in the photo or I would just do a search for it. Thanks. Great info.

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