Moon / Solar System

Moon’s Aristarchus – a hotspot


These incredible photos from Bill Bryson’s videos highlight the Aristarchus Crater on the Moon.  In the first photo it stands out as the white crater. In the next 2 it’s the largest crater.  The next 2 – Aristarchus is seen along with the Copernicus and Kepler craters in the Oceanus Porcellarum.  The last photo – Aristarchus and Copernicus craters with Mare Imbrium above.     Thanks Bill.  Be well.


Credit: Bill Bryson


Credit: USGS/US Navy/Clementine Spacecraft


Credit: Bill Bryson


Credit: Mike’s Astroimagery UK

According to John Lear,

I think that Aristarchus is some kind of nuclear generator, possibly a fussion reactor. The color blue that you see is the same color as when radiation reacts or comes in contact with molecules of air.

It’s possible!  It stands out, like a “hotspot”.

STAY HEALTHY and do your own inner space work!

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Abundance, and Understanding




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