Moon / Solar System

Moon’s Mare Crisium by Bill Bryson’s


NASA’s photo of Mare Crisium

ferret with whiskers2

Bill’s photo1 of Mare Crisium – “the ferret”

ferret with whiskers3

Bill’s photo2 of Mare Crisium

ferret with whiskers4

Bill’s photo3 of Mare Crisium – fantastic detail


ferret with whiskers close up

Bill’s photo4 of Mare Crisium – fantastic detail

Why aren’t NASA’s photos of Mare Crisium as good as Bill Bryson’s?

Here’s a video describing Bill’s telescope and camera. 

celestron - nexstar 8se

He says,

I think the Nexstar 8SE is a much more powerful telescope [than Zhumell Z10]. The base reason is that even though this Zhumell Z10 has a 10 inch apature the key is the focal length which is 1250 and a f/5 focal ratio. The Nexstar 8SE has a powerful 2,032mm focal length and f/10 focal ratio. I think mine is twice as powerful. But… The Zhumell Z10 is quite a value and even won some awards… Thanks for the question…
I am using a Logitech C910 camera and a Panoptic 19mm lens made by Teleview married to a Teleview Powermate 2.5x Barlow… Thanks for the question and thanks for watching my video!
Over the course of his videos (i.e., 12, 54 and 75) he describes his setup.  By the end of these videos, I think he was using Logitech C920 (cost about $68).

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