Moon / Solar System

Zeeman Crater and “Moon Base”

As I’ve said before, do your own research.  

And after seeing this video, I decided to explore the Moon myself using a wonderful tool which Scott Waring mentions.

I found the Base that Scott talks about in the video.

Only it took me awhile because my Zeeman Crater Photo apparently is the reverse of Scott’s and the Base was found at the southern edge of the Crater while Scott’s is at the northern edge.

He says he lives in Taiwan.  I’m in San Diego.  So maybe this is an East-West Hemisphere thing.

Here’s a photo of Zeeman Crater and the Base.  I didn’t change the color/contrast, although I was tempted because it looks washed out.

That was fun but exhausting!  I certainly am fascinated by the Moon.:-)


Zeeman Crater and “Moon Base”


Zeeman Crater & Base which is south of crater as I see it.


Zeeman Crater turned around to match Scott’s Photo


Close-up of “Base”


We discovered Alien Base on the Moon

Apparently, this Base was discovered around 1980 by Fred Stickling who wrote about it in “We discovered Alien Base on the Moon”.

Is it an “alien base”?   What do you think?

Sending Healing, Wisdom, Understanding and Abundance,



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