Moon / Solar System

The Moon Has Color!

Video 83

Copernicus Crater

crashed spaceship

Crashed Spaceship?

crashed spaceship2

Crashed Spaceship 2?

Kunowsky Crater 6 pointed star to right

In the center Kunowsky Crater with 6 pointed star to right where there appears to be a lot of activity

  In this video by Amateur Astronomer Bill Bryson he shows what might be a crashed vehicle on the Moon, and numerous other hot spots, including Kunowsky Crater and Copernicus Crater.

Video 73

fleet over moon

Black specks – Fleet flying over moon?

fleet over moon2

Black specks – Fleet flying over moon 2?

 In this video Bill Bryson shows what he thinks is a fleet flying over the Moon or maybe what Jose Escamillo calls Rods and a lot more.

 Video 94

light beacon

Lights in the Sea of Tranquility

In this video Bill Bryson shows peculiar lights in the Sea of Tranquility and a lot more, including a possible underground city.

Armature Astronomer Bill Bryson’s videos are awesome.  I like his approach.  He’s an explorer and doesn’t pretend to know all the answers.  We need more like him.

Apparently he stopped making videos last year.  He says he’s trying to get his Ham Radio Operator’s License.

I recommend you make copies of these videos.  According to Bill, he suspects, Youtube doesn’t want you to know this stuff.  In fact, when I was embedding them into my blog, the codes had been changed, it took awhile, but I found the right codes.

Be well, Bill.  And Thank YOU!

I also recommend you do your own research.

Some think, ever since NASA bombed the Moon’s south pole in October 2009,  man-made excavations and changes just to the surface layer of the Moon are underway, as they believe the moon to be hollow.

This bombing appears to have been a dark ritual intended on affecting us deeply, in other words traumatizing us deeply.  The control system traumatizes in order to control the population.  They plan these events to funnel the energies for their dark agenda.  Sorcery requires every detail to be considered. Nothing is done unintentionally.

Some researcher have questioned Google Earth’s photos of the Moon in which a triangular-shaped craft appeared.  Here’s the research debunking the photo.  Good for them.  Question everything, especially Google.

We certainly are fascinated by the Moon.

Here’s a map of the Moon as seen from the Northern Hemisphere.  It might help you get perspective.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, just turn it upside down.



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