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Starship approaches Sun during Coronal Mass Ejection 2001

This Is a Starship approaching Stargate as Coronal Mass Ejection occurs.


Starship 2

coronal mass ejection 6-13-2001-00-54

From SOHO’s website,
“Images showing two, then three coronal mass ejections – June 13, 2001 taken by LASCO C2.  Rarely has SOHO seen three CMEs in a LASCO C2 image because these blasts usually disappear from its field of view too quickly.  CMEs eject a billion tons of particles traveling millions of miles an hour. The dark disk blocks the Sun so that the LASCO instrument can observe the structures of the corona in visible light.”
SOHO comments on comets which are quite distinguishable due to their tails.
However, SOHO has ignored this unusual object above and others which are very different from comets.
You can check out these LASCO C2 images by date & time at SOHO’s website.  
In this video Physicist Nassim Haramein talks about NASA photos/video on comets approaching the Sun and he asks where are their tails and why are they moving so strangely?
Haramein says the Sun spots are like an opening into the Stargate, like volcanoes you’d find on Earth.
Thank you Nassim!
Sending Healing, Wisdom, Understanding and Abundance,  Cariel

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