Controversy over Coca Cola Supper Bowl Ad

Controversy over Coca Cola Supper Bowl Ad -for singing America in multiple languages.


BTW – it’s not our national anthem. The good news is many said, “I thought it was a beautiful symbol of what America was founded on, freedom for everyone”.

So what’s the problem? Unfortunately, they took the youtube video down, but I still want to comment.

Current war mongering is floating around. People have been touchy and polarized.
There is a tension that has been building which peaks around the April 23, 2014 – astrologically it’s called a Grand Cardinal Cross.

The energy is there. It’s what you do with it that really matters. They say “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

Be aware of splits and divisions building up as we, hopefully, break through the manufactured issues around war to the real issues around our true selves -our sacredness, individuality, integrity, innocence, humanity, compassion, love, higher consciousness, etc. All qualities essential for “ascension” that are currently under attack on this planet.

Years of national trauma and dark ritual by those who think their in charge have a lot to do with the building tension. Don’t fall for their fear tactics. Get beyond your frustration and anger. Old coping mechanisms need updating. Take responsibility for your disowned shadow. Address and heal inner wounds and finally integrate your inner shadow.

I’ve been doing my inner work and I help others to do the same. If you feel you’re being pulled apart at the seams or if you need help dealing with the “shadow” contact me.

I also encourage you to do the meditation on this wonderful video by Katie Gallanti.

Earth’s Golden Light Grid Healing Meditation

I’ve been inspired to help as best I can.

Our shadows must be address for integration & healing.

Parasites must be revealed and removed so that we are truly beings of a free universe and can co-create unobstructed and in harmony with Universal Principles.

Please join me in this endeavor.

The 33rd parallel north around the globe is a most powerful global energy line along which star gates exist connecting space and time – a most powerful circuit for this planet – for example Syria, Iraq, Charleston, San Diego, Dallas, Masonic Temples, Air Force Bases and prisons are located on this grid line.

With the Earth’s permission, let’s get started.

Create a meditative space and find a comfortable position. Breathe deeply, imagine any stress, anxiety and negativity that you may have had is now leaving your body & dissolving. Any burdens of the day & week are floating away and you feel relaxed… Feel any tension in your muscles subside.  Breathe easily and freely.

Now ask the Divine Source, your guides and spiritual teachers to come to you and to help with your ascension to a higher consciousness while using both the shadow & the light to propel you. State your intention clearly in your own words for a most beneficial experience. Remember to thank them for coming to assist you.

As you focus on your third eye, imagine your astral body standing up from your physical body. Imagine standing at the entrance of a dimly light tunnel.

Now, begin to walk into the tunnel. See the lights on the walls and the texture of the floor as you walk through the tunnel.

Just a head of you see a set of glass doors and your heart tells you that a wonderful healing experience is on the other side of the doors.  A feeling of peace & joy fills you. With each step closer to the doors, you feel more relaxed and uplifted and connected to the Divine Source that is guiding you.

As you approach the doors, they automatically open and invite you into this realm of enlightenment and lightness. As you pass through you can strongly feel the Divine Source and all those who have come to assist you on this healing journey. Know that they are sending you what you need for the most understanding, healing, and assistance for your healing journey. They are beckoning you now to go deep within. You hear them say, “You are loved and you are never alone. We are here to guide you home by way of the Earth’s Light Grid which holds the secrets of Life.”  Breathe deep centering breaths.

With each breath you travel deeper and you feel a wonderful sense of light filling your body. You see before you an Inner Earth, a vast inner region of energies and the Earth’s Light Grid – a grid work of light energies. You see strands of light stretching in all directions, like silver highways going off into the distance. You feel these are LIFE lines of energies. You are sensing a connection to one of the lines.

You are being pulled by it. It’s a very strong current of light going deep into the Earth’s Light Grid, where an early childhood trauma or past life trauma occurred and can finally be healed. This is also a chance to help heal the Earth’s Light Grid, adding lightness to it.

Now, take a moment to connect to the first time you experienced shame. Once you sense that original shame it may feel like an old albatross. You may question, why not healthy guilt? Why did I experience shame and internalize it, so I felt “I was a bad person” instead of “I made a mistake”?

With guilt you have a chance to do things better the next time. But, in the old drama, with shame, you may have thought you were a “goner for the dark side” (a bit over dramatic).  With shame comes false humility and you may have looked for an invisible corner in which to grovel rather than be proactive. Parasites can hook into that old dramatization and feed off the negative energies.

Before shame entered the story, you felt “good enough” and knew your self as a Divine Child of the Universe. Loved. Natural. Wondrous. Mystical. You can return to this feeling anytime just by saying, “I am loved”.  No more parasites.

Now, go to the moment when the original “shamer” shamed you. This “shamer” had not dealt with their shame and transferred it to you. It is passed on to the next generation until it is stopped. Now, it’s time to stop it by giving the original shame back to the original “shamer”.

Go, ahead, see the “shamer” and give their shame back to them. Tell them, it’s not yours. And they can send it back to their original “shamer” all the way back through to your first ancestor (and/or past life of original shame) and off to the Great Central Sun to be transmuted. Feel your family tree shift.  And so, it is.

And you feel the healing repercussions of all the trauma and shame being healed in your life and your ancestry.  You feel that equilibrium has been restored. You can see healthy co-creative relationships developing now in a free universe, free from parasites. Feel the lightness that it brings to the Earth Light Grid.  See humanity’s collective family tree is also lightening.

See yourself and humanity as a “recovering” perfectionist that can have healthy guilt and true humility with less self-righteousness and judgmental-ism. This is true empowerment in which one can take responsibility for their mistakes. They apologize, make amends and do things better the next time. And somewhere along the way, they may be forgiven – or at the very least – find self-forgiveness and self-love.

Feel the self-love. You are a Divine Child of the Universe. And as these loving energies activate your light body, your pineal gland, chakras and spinal column are operating together to balance your being so your Soul memory of who you really are, is reawakening. Breathe that in.

Once again, you are directed by the Divine Source and asked to go deeper within and deeper into inner Earth. You are reminded of your training as a Light warrior and Peacemaker. In your altered state of awareness you finally understand all the life times of learning about the flow of energies and blockages. You feel all of you chakras are aligned and activated. Now, you feel a wonderful sense of light filling your body. You feel empowered to help and especially to witness.

Again, you see before you an inner Earth of wonders. This time you are pulled by a very strong current of light that leads you to the 33rd parallel that circles the Earth. Take a moment and allow the Divine Source to lead you where you need to go along this line to help clear any dark spots of disharmonious energy along the 33rd degree latitude and within 5 degrees either side.

You may be drawn to a sound, color, feeling, a symbol, dark scaffolding, dark portal, volcanic or explosive fiery activity, etc.

You observe and acknowledge that the Divine Source stretches its love and light into the past trauma of this grid line – healing and transforming it. You and the Earth Light Grid receive stronger and stronger pulsations of love, golden light and luminosities, vibrating at higher and higher frequencies. With your true presence and willingness to observe all energies, you witness the dis-ease and disharmony along this latitude dissolving.

And within a short span of time, on the 33rd parallel, you see dark scaffoldings intended for ritual sacrifice, violence, abuse, mind control, perversion, wars and/or dominating others – you see these dissolved, gone.   You see and sense past traumas, shame, parasites and explosive and disharmonious energies dissipated, and the life energy is flowing easily again, organic natural cycles of birth, life and death are restored, revelations of who we truly are and our true history is freely acknowledged on the 33rd parallel and on all latitudes. Universal Law, peace, and a healthy understanding of the subconscious-shadow-ego material and true humility and responsibility flourish throughout the Earth Light Grid.

You see the whole Earth Light Grid lights up in Golden Light, alive and restored to harmony and a Free Universe. The Earth’s Star Crystal and Golden Light Grid shine brightly throughout the Universe.

You feel your light body is fully activated and you realize you are lightness without need of external light. Enjoy that feeling of lightness for a moment. The wonderful energies of The Earth Star Crystal and Golden Light Grid will continue supporting you once you’re back on the surface.

Now see before you the glass doors to the tunnel that rises to the surface. This tunnel is very similar to the one you traveled before, however, you have changed and so has it. It vibrates with the wonderful potential, which lies ahead for you.

Make sure you thank the Divine Source, your guides and teachers for this wonderful experience. Thank them for coming and give them a goodbye hug, then turn & begin your return.

Now imagine your self passing through the opened glass doors and heading back through the tunnel, rising to the surface. You emerge from the tunnel all the way back to your meditative space.  You see your physical body right where you left it.

You look forward to a wonderful sense of self-love, lightness, gratitude, honesty, and connectedness and feeling healthier, wiser, more whole and balanced when you return to your body.

Now imagine your astral body steps back inside your physical body and all the healing, visions, sensations, insights and answers you received on your journey merge with your physical brain now and are stored for automatic integration into your consciousness, easily and naturally.

Take in a deep breath and feel your body, feeling wonderfully good, renewed and revitalized. You become more and more aware of your surroundings.  You’re wide awake with eyes open. And welcome. So glad you are here, now.

And Profoundly Glad to be of Service,


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News and Reality

On May 9, 2001, Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project paraded a convincing cast of military and government witnesses before cameras at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. I don’t agree with everything Dr. Greer says and does, but this was major and I give him credit.

If you have any doubts about UFOs, a must see:

The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, establishes without any doubt the reality of these phenomena. But …nothing.

Although world’s major media were in attendance, few reported what they saw, most neglecting to even make skeptical mention or using the “laugh factor” to debunk it. Television broadcast news totally ignored it.

Thus, we live in a controlled society, with secrecy masquerading as openness but with no “authentic context” (refer to Jon Rappoport below).

Most likely the same result will come from Disclosure 2013 – but Dolan made a good speech . Television broadcast news, once again, totally ignored it.

Why the secrecy? One of the main reasons – big corporation’s globalization agenda would fail and they would loose control . The source of many technologies and the “break away civilization of the 1%” would be out of the bag. They don’t want to share certain technologies that make them powerful beyond belief.

At least the NSA Utah Data Center has been exposed – a little bit. We still don’t know what’s really going on there. Senator Feinstein promises to oversee it’s activities. Good luck!

What about DARPA’s mass mind control, LRAD and Smart Dust?

What about the November 2013 – America’s “Power Grid” Scheduled for Nationwide “Drill” – NERC will host GridEx 2013 on November 13-14, 2013 ? Is this for real?

Please be prepared, it can’t hurt.

The good news, people are turning off the so-called “News” and many are waking up to how “reality” has been manipulated. Once people know what’s going on, we can take back control. Let’s hope it’s not too late!

Jon Rappoport has been tops on my list of good journalist and his latest posts have hit the nail on the head, once again.

Consider subscribing to his emails

Here are samples from 2 of his latest posts:

1. NBC’s Meet the Press hits lowest rating in 21 years

The big-3 Sunday morning news shows are basically politicians talking through the screen to their colleagues in Georgetown. Gibberish from idiots to other idiots.

In so far as the shows reach the general viewing public…

The unspoken premise of This Week, Meet the Press, and Face the Nation goes like this:

Given the fact that America is making constant war to expand the imperial corporate empire, the military industrial complex is suffering a hernia from carrying so much money,

multiple agencies are spying on everybody all the time, the medical system in America is killing 2.25 million people per decade, millions of acres of untested GMO food plus Roundup are a runaway health disaster,

the Fed Reserve is a private banking monopoly posing as a government agency,

the Mexican border is a sieve for the Sinaloa Cartel to kick off their Washington-approved drug routes to a distribution hub called Chicago, only “the cops and thugs should have guns,”

the government-sponsored mental-health monopoly called psychiatry is destroying the brains of countless numbers of children, vaccines are filled with toxic ingredients,

the federal government is pouring wet cement on the Constitution every hour of every day,

more people are using food stamps than are working, our children are learning how to become little robots in school, the free and independent individual is an anathema,

television is brainwashing 300 million people, and all presidents are vetted to ensure they’ll support a Globalist planet…


2. New owner at Washington Post: packaging insanity in bubbles

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, bought the Washington Post at a fire sale.

Jeff Genius will invent new ways to transmit the news to ‘people on the go’ and make the Post a smashing success…

…There was never a golden age of journalism.

Actual investigative reporting was always the rare exception in major media. And these days, it’s virtually extinct.

Ditto for “the golden age of television broadcast news.” Ed Murrow. Chet Huntley. David Brinkley. Cronkite. I was there. I watched them do their dog and ponies night in and night out. Never an authentic context for a story in the whole lot of them. What they had was deadpan self-assurance. That was the basis of their act. It played well.

The Washington Post built its rep on Watergate, which was twisted from the beginning. Nixon was in David Rockefeller’s crosshairs. That’s where it all began. Nixon had laid tariffs on certain goods coming into the US. He violated the sacred Rockefeller principle of “free trade” (Globalism). He had to go. When he did go, a sop named Gerald Ford moved into the White House and brought along David’s brother, Nelson, as his vice-president.

As I said, Jon Rappoport has been tops on my list of good journalist and these posts will have you questioning what is real.  To find out the kind of disinformation The Washington Post has published check on the notorious CIA Operation Mockingbird at

Sending Love and Healing Vibrations,

“You seem normal” but, maybe not!

When a stranger at a grocery store said to me “You seem normal” I couldn’t help think that she was implying, “but, maybe not”. I actually started the conversation when I asked “How old is your child” she replied “18 months” and I said “She’s the same age as my grandchild”. That is when she walked away saying, “You seem normal”. I thought, what an odd thing to say to me. I wasn’t expecting to be judged by a stranger and I felt vulnerable at that moment. Should I avoid talking to strangers, to avoid being judged possibly as abnormal? This got me thinking – what is “normal”?

Please watch the TED video below with Dr. Brene Brown.

It really hit a cord with me. As Brown says, to be vulnerable is to be honest – it’s an act of courage. She says, “Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity and change”.

She cites the work of psychologist James Mahalik at Boston College who found the following top 4 qualities for the “normal” women in our society: nice, thin, modest, and using all her resources for appearances. WOW!

I guess you could say, I’m nice and modest, but I fail being thin and using all my resources for appearances. Don’t get me wrong, I was dressed reasonably well at the grocery store. I do care about how I look, but, I don’t throw all my resource into appearances.

Of course, the 4 criteria are absurd, just as judging anyone based on appearances alone is absurd. And that’s why the young woman in the store included the word “seem” – “You seem normal” – she couldn’t be certain. But, what was going on with her that she would even bring it up?

Brown speaks to the issue “Listening to Shame”. Brown is very adept at pin pointing the need we all have to address our shame and we all have it and that is what is ailing society today. I would venture to say that the young woman in the store has disowned her shame so she projects it on to others like me who do not fit the perfect mold of “normal” using those 4 criteria.

How we behave is another measurement for “normal”. If anyone was watching me, I’m certain they would say I was behaving normally. Then again, what is normal behavior and what are normal emotions? We have the DSM Manual to help us out with that question.

There are over 375 emotional disorders in the newly revised DSM. Grieving beyond 2 weeks has been added to the list, along with 14 other new categories. WOW! AGAIN.

This is what happens in a quick fix society, based on “medicalization of human nature, which may be attributed to disease mongering by psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies” (quote from Wikipedia).

This brings me to our society’s current confusion and turmoil. So many are confused right now. It’s time to redefine our emotional values. RESET TIME! (to be continued next time )

Sending wisdom, healing and love


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